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CBA Program

Achievement Isn't Just for Kids!

Board Member Certification (CBA) classes offer school board leaders a way to develop new skills, stay up-to-date on educational issues and earn recognition for development as a school board member.


Training Reimbursement

Public Act 87 of 2021, Article 3, Part 2, Sections 201 and 1100, authorizes the Michigan Department of Education to reimburse local school districts for school board member training intended to develop and enhance board member knowledge of school operations and education law. MASB is an approved training program provider for a number of classes.


Board Member Awards Program

The Board Member Awards Program, with basic certification as its cornerstone, was developed in 1990 with input from both veteran Michigan school board members and representatives from higher education and state administrator organizations. Its goal is to enhance the ability of school boards to improve Michigan public schools and the achievement of 1.4 million Michigan students.


EDU Credits/Awards

MASB keeps track of your EDU credits/awards in your Member Portal record for the Certified Board Member Awards Program. Non-MASB professional development programs, leadership services and experience  can be submitted for EDU credits as you complete them in MASB’s member portal.

Please note that your attendance at MASB conferences, academies, early birds, workshops, seminars and CBA courses are already on record.


MASB Comes to You!

We often get requests from ISDs/CASBAs to offer a CBA class on site. MASB is pleased to accommodate this type of request. We will process registrations and arrange for instructors and class delivery. We ask you to provide a facility and necessary meal arrangements.

Our one stipulation is that there be a minimum of 12 participants. If there are less than 12 registrations, the ISD/CASBA must agree to pay the remaining difference up to an equivalent rate of 12 for the class to be held. Many ISDs/CASBAS have taken advantage of this arrangement allowing board members yet another opportunity to conveniently pursue their board development.

Another arrangement that local school districts may be interested in is having CBA classes provided at their site. Several districts have requested onsite CBA classes for their board members as another way to assist board members in getting the board development they need. The classes are often customized to meet the particular needs of the district. Again, we are pleased to work with districts in offering classes in this manner.

If you have questions regarding scheduling a CBA class, please contact Amy Rucker, Certification Manager and Instructional Designer: