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Advocacy and Legislation

You may already be involved in efforts to change policies, programs and perceptions, and MASB supports and encourages those efforts. Such involvement is crucial for school board members and other education stakeholders, for when we do not create effective channels of communication with legislators, the media, community members and others define which education issues become priorities. As we all know, the consequences of such ill-informed efforts, even when well intentioned, can be devastating to children, public education and achievement. The stakes are simply too high for school board members not to engage in advocacy efforts.

View our latest alerts and updates, including News From the Capitol.

Looking for quick legislative information to help with your advocacy efforts?


Sample Resolution Allows Boards to Show Support for One Another

In these challenging times it is important for boards to stand together. With that, MASB has drafted a sample resolution for adoption by school boards as a show of solidarity for their board colleagues across the state. Click on the link above to download the resolution.

A Practical Guide to Promoting America’s Public Schools

This guide, provided by the Learning First Alliance, promotes values, vision and performance of public schools. This guide is intended to help educators and others interested in education promote the value of public education to our nation.

Tips for Writing Letters to the Editor

Learn how to write an effective letter to the editor and get it published.

Media Interview Guide Dos and Don’ts

Learn how to handle yourself during an interview, what to say and not to say, and more importantly, how to feel comfortable when dealing with the media.

MASB’s Advocacy Skills Specialty

Strengthen your leadership and ability and build an “advocacy” specialty.

The MASB Government Relations Department represents the view of MASB member districts with federal and state legislative leaders and works to open the lines of communication between locally elected school board members and the elected officials in Lansing and Washington. The staff also keeps members informed of pending legislation and current issues affecting public education through:

  • Legislative Conference
  • Federal Relations Network
  • National Advocacy Institute
  • Legislative updates held across the state
  • County Area School Board Associations
  • News From the Capitol
  • MASB’s Advocacy System

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