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School Board Recognition Month

As we celebrate School Board Recognition Month, we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all school board members for their dedication and commitment to our students' education.

January is School Board Recognition Month in Michigan. As one of the original sponsors of this state and national observance, MASB's goal has been to build public understanding and support for the concept of local control of public schools. When the School Board Recognition program was launched in Michigan in 1989, only five states celebrated this special month. Today, nearly every state and governor participate.

Through MASB-sponsored activities, such as news releases, editorials and PSAs, we aim to create awareness and appreciation for the tremendous commitment school board members make to their communities. We value their efforts to help all children succeed by improving teaching and learning in school districts.

State Certificate of Proclamation

2024 School Board Recognition Month Campaign Toolkit

The following toolkit is designed to help you recognize the valuable contributions of your school board members and promote awareness in your communities.

School board members connect essential pieces of the puzzle, bringing together the vision, expertise and passion needed to support public education. Your leadership, guidance and decisionmaking are crucial in shaping the future of our students and providing them with the best opportunities to learn and grow.

We appreciate the countless hours you devote to understanding complex educational issues, collaborating with stakeholders and making tough decisions. Thank you for being the driving force behind our educational system and for connecting the essential pieces that shape the future of our students and our community!

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