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Strategic Planning

Does Your Board and District Lack a Shared Vision?

The landscape of education is continually changing. In the face of this change, school boards can either be totally reactive—simply responding to the socioeconomic forces at work, or proactive—identifying forces at work both within the school system and external to it, and developing a deliberate, well thought out plan for dealing with those factors. As leaders of your district, it’s important for the board of education—in concert with other district leaders—to look into the future and anticipate opportunities and roadblocks for preparing students for success.

Data-Driven Strategic Planning assists districts with collecting and analyzing data, presenting data, and identifying opportunities for improvement. All boards face barriers to strategic planning—from lack of time and expertise and poor teamwork to inadequate stakeholder input and misalignment of resources.

Customized strategic planning and goal-setting provides a framework for getting input from stakeholders, creates opportunities to develop or revise the mission and vision of the district, develops a process for establishing short- and long-term goals, creates a plan for implementation, evaluation and improvement, among others.

Now is the perfect time to get your board on the right track and rethink your board goals. Well-trained and informed boards can lead your district to improved student achievement, high levels of governance, community and voter support and the confidence to make important decisions. The students of your district need a dedicated group of leaders.

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Our data-based strategic plan, facilitated by MASB, helped us refocus on student achievement.—Anthony Habra, Superintendent, Rudyard Public Schools

During my time as a superintendent, MASB has been an amazing resource for the board of education and myself. They’ve assisted us with everything from strategic planning to professional development opportunities. Most importantly, they haven’t used a one-size-fits-all approach and have been highly responsive to our individual needs —Dedrick D. Martin, Superintendent, Ypsilanti Public Schools