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In-District Workshops

Enhance your board's performance and drive positive change with our in-district workshops.


Board Self-Assessment Workshop*

MASB's online survey tool provides an excellent opportunity for you to assess and enhance your board's performance. With 75 validated questions based on best practice research, you can gain valuable insights into your board's practices and procedures. MASB guarantees anonymity and open feedback, ensuring a safe space for evaluation. As a member district, you will receive a free comprehensive report and a concise summary of the findings.

*Training qualifies for reimbursement by the Michigan Department of Education. School Districts may receive up to $100 per board member.  


Building Belonging: Exploring Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

A transformative two-workshop series designed to empower school board members in navigating the critical conversation on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) within their districts. This series provides a structured and collaborative platform for governance teams to engage in this challenging dialogue. Empower your school board with the tools to build an inclusive future. 

Workshop 1: Building Awareness and Understanding

In this session, participants will delve into the foundations of DEI, exploring issues such as implicit bias and the impact of DEI perceptual data. Through interactive discussions and real-world case studies, board members will gain a deeper awareness of the complexities surrounding DEI, fostering a more inclusive and empathetic perspective. This foundational knowledge will serve as a springboard for the subsequent workshop.


Workshop 2: Crafting Your DEI Action Plan

Building upon the insights gained in the first workshop, the second session will focus on practical strategies for implementing change. Participants will work collaboratively to identify DEI impact areas within their districts, evaluating policies, practices and procedures that may require adjustment. The workshop will culminate in the creation of a customized DEI action plan tailored to each district's unique context. The action plan will be guided by a framework consisting of five critical system factors, ensuring a comprehensive approach to DEI efforts. 

DISC Profile Assessment Workshop

Are you tired of attending meetings that end up being frustrating and unproductive? Imagine a meeting where everyone understands each other's behavioral strengths and weaknesses, appreciates different perspectives, and fosters efficient communication. Our facilitators use behavioral style analysis to empower your board with the tools for highly effective governance teams. By decoding behavioral styles, you can unlock the potential for innovation, better decision-making, and a positive governing body culture.


Facilitated Superintendent Evaluation

Would your board of education prefer to have an external facilitator assist when evaluating your superintendent? MASB's facilitation services are customized to the unique needs of each district, the board of education and superintendent. Services will include:

  • guiding support for the board and superintendent
  • pre-evaluation with the board president and superintendent
  • facilitation of superintendent evaluation
  • post-communication related to the evaluation
  • a copy of the scored evaluation instrument


Guiding Public Schools For Increasing Academic Achievement Workshop 

How do certain school boards and their districts achieve higher student performance compared to others? Research indicates that districts with high and low student achievement have notable differences in their knowledge and beliefs. Join us for an informative session where we delve into the findings of groundbreaking research and discover how board/superintendent governance teams can enhance their abilities and redirect their efforts toward improving student outcomes.


Strategic Planning and Goal Setting

MASB offers a wide range of strategic planning and goal-setting services. Each process is customized to meet your district's unique needs and challenges. From streamlined goal-setting sessions to a more comprehensive approach that includes full community input, use of strategic planning teams representing all stakeholders, and the use of district educational data. MASB facilitators have extensive experience working with K-12 planning processes and board/superintendent teams.


Teambuilding Workshop

This customized training service provides the insight that MASB's professional staff, expertise, experience and resources bring to the board table, combined with the convenience of offering these services "on site" at a location close to you.


Working as an Effective Governance Team Workshop*

Transform your district governance team – this engaging and interactive session sets the stage for thoughtful discussions on crucial topics such as teamwork, unity of purpose, roles and responsibilities, positive governing body culture (norms) and supportive structure and process (protocols). Designed for both new and experienced teams, this workshop provides the tools and insights needed to enhance effectiveness and drive positive change.

*Training qualifies for reimbursement by the Michigan Department of Education. School Districts may receive up to $100 per board member.  


Complimentary Presearch Workshop

MASB offers school districts a complimentary training on superintendent selection upon request. This training is intended to educate board members about superintendent selection prior to their embarking on a search and to help to put all board members on common ground. This is not a sales pitch.

The district is responsible for paying related travel expenses. Consultant services are complimentary.