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Assessments and Evaluations​

The board of education is presented with countless data sets in a year, and they each help paint a fuller picture of the work of the district. For the board, these data points are especially significant.


One of the Key Work of School Boards is Accountability (NSBA, 2020). The board of education holds district employees accountable, and the community holds the board accountable. On a deeper level, the Governance Team holds themselves accountable for the work they do and how they do it.

Use MASB's Superintendent Evaluation Tool to meet this requirement.




According to the Center for Public Education (2019), effective boards are “data savvy; they embrace and monitor data, even when the information is negative, and use it to drive continuous improvement” (page 9). Indeed, collecting and evaluating data is the beginning of growth. Identifying the starting place allows the governance team to measure progress.

Measure your board's performance with the MASB Board Self-Assessment Survey Tool.