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Board Member Awards Program

Board Member Awards

The Board Member Awards Program, with basic certification as its cornerstone, was developed in 1990 with input from both veteran Michigan school board members and representatives from higher education and state administrator organizations. Its goal is to enhance the ability of school boards to improve Michigan public schools and the achievement of 1.4 million Michigan students.




2023 #MIBoardAwards

Share information about the board awards for your region with your local media and press to help recognize recipients! Use our press release template to highlight these accomplishments.



2023 Recipients

Level 1 Certified Boardmember Award
Level 2 Award of Merit
Level 3 Award of Distinction
Level 4 Master Boardmember Award
Level 5 Master Diamond Award
Level 6 Master Platinum Award
Level 7 President’s Award of Recognition
Advocacy Certification
Data Certification
Honor Board Award
Standard of Excellence Award
Distinguished Achievement Award
Master Board Award

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