Communications and Teambuilding

  • Do you have a split board that is preventing you from moving forward in your district?
  • Is your board bogged down by daily operational decisions rather than policymaking decisions?
  • Is your board accused of being out of touch with your community, staff and students?
  • Is there conflict on your board that prevents teamwork and effective decisionmaking?
  • Is the turnover on your board standing in the way of progress toward your goals?
  • Does your board lack direction and goals?

This customized training service provides the insight that MASB's professional staff, expertise, experience and resources bring to the board table, combined with the convenience of offering these services "on site" at a location close to you.

Boards must make pivotal decisions that have important and far-reaching consequences for students, parents, employees and entire communities. Research proves that a strong working relationship between the board and superintendent improves student achievement.

To present a positive and productive atmosphere for decisionmaking, you need strong leadership among board members demonstrated by teamwork, effective communication, problemsolving skills and positive relationships between the board and the superintendent.

MASB provides customized workshops, on site at a location convenient to you that focuses on your board's specific challenges and situations. Through a complete analysis of your needs, skilled and highly trained facilitators identify problem areas and design solutions unique to your board.

Your return on investment is clear: improved student achievement, high level of board governance, community and voter support, and the confidence you need to make decisions impacting 1.6 million schoolchildren and overseeing Michigan's $13 billion public education enterprise.

For more information and assistance in selecting the services you need for the results you want or to schedule a customized training module for your team, contact the Leadership Services Department.