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Help Govern Your Association

MASB Association Committees bring together school board representatives and other members of the educational community to discuss vital issues and help shape the Association's positions and actions.

Standing committees include:

  • Government Relations—This committee monitors state and federal legislative and executive actions and school finance pertaining to public education and school districts. The committee typically meets 7-8 times per year.
  • Resolutions and Bylaws—This committee develops and proposes resolutions and bylaws for consideration by the Delegate Assembly, which upon adoption become MASB's official position on those issues. The committee typically meets 2-4 times per year. 
  • Legal Trust Fund—The MASB Legal Trust Fund assists Michigan school boards involved in litigation having statewide significance. With the help of the Legal Trust Fund, boards of education can pursue cases they might otherwise have to settle because of the high costs of litigation. The Legal Trust Fund's Board of Trustees decides which cases will be supported by the fund. Trustees and alternates are appointed by the MASB Board of Directors from among the boards of education that have joined the Legal Trust Fund. The committee typically meets 1-2 times per year.

The Government Relations Committee, Resolutions and Bylaws Committee and the Legal Trust Fund assignments are made each September for one-year terms. Ad Hoc Committees are created throughout the year. Watch for information on how to apply for a committee in  DashBoard.

For more information, contact Cheryl Huffman, Board Liaison:


Ad Hoc Committee Procedures

Ad Hoc Committees address an issue via one or two meetings, and then disband, allowing for more of our members to be involved in helping to govern the association. The following are the procedures for Ad Hoc committees:

Generating Ideas for Task Force/Focus Group: 

  1. From MASB Board;
  2. From MASB staff, or
  3. From MASB's membership - send your ideas to Cheryl Huffman, Board Liaison:


Screening of Ideas for Issues Must Be:

  1. Current/emerging issue
  2. Relevant to a significant segment of the membership
  3. Type of meeting—either a Task Force that's actionable with a clear, measurable charge, something that can be accomplished; not just sharing of information, OR a focus group to gather information, generate ideas and gather feedback on a topic.

Approval as an Ad Hoc Task Force or Focus Group:

  1. From MASB Board (if timely), or
  2. From Executive Committee (via conference call)

Commitment From Members Participating:

  1. Frequency, duration and location of meetings
  2. Conference call option for participation

Expected Outcomes:

  1. Recommendation to the Board of Directors
  2. Evaluation of the time spent on the task force