VIP Focus: Three Ways Your District is at Risk This Winter

DashBoard, Dec. 2, 2015

Every year, thousands of dollars are spent on repairing preventable winter weather destruction of school property. With the unpredictable nature of Michigan winters adding even more concern for possible damage, it’s imperative that school administrators take steps to prevent freeze damage that results in devastating and costly claims. 

Many of the effects of sub-zero temperatures on ill-prepared buildings are irreversible and require ample resources to restore. The good news is that most of the harm caused by freezing temperatures can be easily prevented by taking simple steps to protect vulnerable buildings and properties.  

Inform your operations’ and facilities’ directors about these three common problem areas to reduce the chances of your district being frostbitten by this winter’s chilling weather. 

  1. Overly Aggressive Temperature Setbacks
    Setting back temperatures can be cost-effective when done at appropriate times. However, during the winter months, it’s better to play it safe rather than gamble the possibility of frozen pipes or other damage. Install monitoring systems that track building and boiler temps to ensure proper maintenance. 
  2. Poorly Circulated Vestibules
    The recent trend of constructing vestibules to increase schools’ entrance safety has led to some negative repercussions on building structures themselves. Vestibules are problem areas for freeze damage due to the lack of ventilation. Make sure there is proper air circulation within your vestibules so that heat can enter the area.
  3. Inconsistent Personnel Training 
    Turnover within facilities’ and operational positions can result in a lack of routine maintenance leading to unidentified freeze damages. Untrained and inexperienced employees can also overlook possible hazards and current problems. Invest in your staff to make certain the condition of your structures is in capable hands.

Contact us for more information on how to safeguard your district from inclement weather.

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