Resolutions Discussed and Voted on During 2016 Delegate Assembly

Jennifer Smith

By Jennifer Smith, MASB Director of Government Relations

DashBoard, Nov. 23, 2016

It was another big turnout for the Delegate Assembly held Thursday, Nov 10, during MASB’s Annual Leadership Conference at the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center. As a member-driven organization, MASB delegates, selected by school boards, have an important voice in shaping resolutions and, therefore, the direction of our Association. This once-a-year event allows MASB’s members to consider, debate and adopt resolutions that affect public education and Michigan’s schools.

Once again the Delegate Assembly began with a legislative update from MASB Government Relations staff Jennifer Smith and Aaron Keel. They encouraged all MASB members to be actively involved in the legislative process as it moves into the lame duck session. Immediate Past President Cindy Gansen and Executive Director Don Wotruba then provided attendees with a summary of this past year’s accomplishments and where the organization is looking to go in the future.

Next on the agenda was action on the proposed resolutions. The 2015-2016 Resolution and Bylaws Committee recommended changes to:

G-3.30 Educational Accountability to show support for accountability systems that focus on improving student achievement, including the identification of goals and performance standards and include school improvement plans.

G- 4.10 Equal Rights, Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying to encourage inclusiveness of all students and state that all students should be free from harassment and discrimination.

G-4.15 Gender Equity by striking female and male and just urging action to eliminate any gender gap among students.

G-5.42 Assessment and Competency Testing to show support for consistency in testing and reasonable amounts of time spent on assessments. 

G-5.56 Cultural Compentency title change to better reflect the intent of the resolution and urge historical accuracy in teaching about diverse cultures.

G-5.57 English Language Learners to encourage districts to create school documents in a student’s native language to help his/her parents to better participate with their child’s education.

G-5.75 Parent Education and Engagement title change to make it more fitting for what districts can do for parents, however there are some districts that do offer educational programs. We also want to encourage programs to make children successful.

G-7.05 Interscholastic Athletics and Officials by combining two similar resolutions dealing with athletics and officials and deleting G-7.15 on officials.

G-9.05 Safe Schools by changing the reference from No Child Left Behind to Every Student Succeeds Act.

G-9.20 Crime and Violence to update the resolution to include the internet and other forms of media that may be accessed by students.

G-9.40 Healthful Nutrition to make the individuals related to health and food programs more specific than than “concerned individuals” and include health related individuals.

G-11.01 Educational Research and Program Evaluation by including a reference to the Education Finance Study that was completed this year.

A-5.30 Curriculum and Standards to continue to show support for flexibility within the Michigan Merit Curriculum but also reflect the changes that were made to the law last year.

A-10.25 State Financial Support to create consistency throughout the resolution regarding PreK-12 grade education and show support for the funding of early middle college programs.

A-10.50 Property Tax Assessments to reflect the growing concern of dark store property values and urge fair assessment amounts for commercial property.

There were no substituted resolutions, bylaw proposals or deleted resolutions. The assembly wrapped up with a thank you to the members of the Resolutions and Bylaws Committee.

For those who are interested, the entire 2016 Delegate Assembly Handbook is still available on MASB’s website.

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