Member Kudos: President's Award Recipients Theresa Genest and Stephen Hyer

DashBoard, March 25, 2015

Eight members earned the President's Award of Recognition in 2014, the highest individual honor in MASB's CBA Program. MASB staff asked each of these dedicated life-long learners to share a few thoughts. This week, we hear from:

Theresa Genest Theresa Genest (Roseville Community Schools and Macomb ISD) Stephen Hyer (Clarkston Community Schools)

How many years have you served on your boards?

Theresa: 20 years at Macomb ISD and 27 years Roseville Community Schools

Stephen: 14 years with Clarkston Community Schools

When did you take your first CBA class?

Theresa: Before the CBA Program, I took the Academy of Boardmanship Seminar in 1988, and then took CBA 101 in 1990 when it was first offered.

Stephen: Right away after I won the election in May 2001, before I was even seated on July 1.

What has been your favorite class?

Theresa: Community Relations (CBA 106) and Board Leadership—Overcoming Obstacles (CBA 325)

Stephen: Parliamentary Procedure (CBA 223) or one of the legal classes because those have been the most practical and easy to apply. I use those ideas and skills regularly on my local board.

What is the #1 reason you continued to take the courses necessary to achieve Level 7 recognition?

Theresa: There's always something new to learn. We give our teachers professional development, so we should do the same.

Stephen: The environment, laws and educational system are always changing. My local board team has changed significantly. I thought that the way to keep up with all of the changes was to continue to be a learner myself; CBA classes continue to give me additional skills I can use to best represent my community.

What is some of the information that has really stuck with you?

Theresa: You will never please everyone, but your final decision should be based on "what is best for the kids."

Stephen: The discussions with other participants in these classes are sometimes the most valuable. When I was a newer board member, I found the advice of my fellow classmates to be invaluable about specific situations happening on my board. Hearing others talk about crazy things that happened on their board in the past was a breath of fresh air that I wasn't dealing with those things at that time. However, when those crazy kind of things came up on my board, I was much better prepared to handle them and deal with them. The relationships and networking you get from participating in CBA classes and attending conferences really help in being an effective board member.

Additional Comments?

Theresa: Thank you to MASB for offering so many classes that give us an opportunity to become better board members.