Delegates Blaze Through Revisions to MASB Governance Documents

Jennifer Smith

By Jennifer Smith, MASB Director of Government Relations

DashBoard, Nov. 15, 2017

It was another big turnout for the Delegate Assembly held Thursday, Nov. 9, before MASB’s Annual Leadership Conference at the Lansing Center. Voting delegates from more than 155 districts in 50 counties attended along with many other nonvoting members. Executive Director Don Wotruba welcomed the attendees and gave a summary of this past year’s accomplishments and where the organization is looking to go in the future.

Amendments were made to 20 resolutions and all changes were adopted as proposed by the Resolutions and Bylaws Committee that were outlined in the 2017 Delegate Assembly Handbook. One additional amendment was offered from the delegates regarding resolution A-13.01 State Board of Education. The amendment was proposed by a delegate from Kalamazoo RESA to support doing a study of State Boards and structures in other states. It was approved by the Delegate Assembly and will be reflected in the new Resolutions and Bylaws that are released in January. You can also read the amendment and the explanatory note here.

Four bylaws were amended, mainly to clean up outdated language and allow communication regarding meetings by email. One major change made was to the qualifications to be elected as a MASB Director. The bylaw did state that a Director must have attained Level One Certification at the time of his/her nomination to office. It was changed to say that “Each Director of the Association shall have served as a qualified trustee of an active or academy member board of education for at least two years and have completed Fundamentals of School Board Service – CBA 101, at the time of his or her nomination to office.”

This change was proposed by the MASB Board of Directors to encourage more participation. The training offered in the 100-level courses is aimed at being a better school board member, not necessarily at being a better nonprofit board member, which is the role one has as a Director. Some level of participation and training with MASB will still be encouraged and, if elected to the Board, a Director without a Level One Certification would be encouraged to pursue it.

Two resolutions were deleted—one that was combined with another regarding school construction and one urging the repeal of zero tolerance laws, which was accomplished last year. Finally, one bylaw was deleted regarding the authorization of County Area School Board Associations as MASB no longer authorizes or prescribes rules for a CASBA.

As a member-driven organization, MASB delegates, selected by school boards, have an important voice in shaping resolutions and, therefore, the direction of our Association. This once-a-year event allows MASB’s members to consider, debate and adopt resolutions that affect public education and Michigan’s schools.

Thank you to all who served on the Resolutions and Bylaws Committee, submitted proposed amendments, served as voting delegates, supported those voting delegates and attended the Assembly. Our Association is stronger with all of your combined voices.

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