Changes Proposed to Administrator Permits in MDE Draft Rules

Kacie Kefgen

By Kacie Kefgen, MASB Assistant Director of Labor Relations and Legal Services

DashBoard, Aug. 17, 2016

Last month, the Michigan Department of Education filed draft rule changes for the Administrator Certification Code. The rules are not final and could change with input from the field or if legislators have concerns about their current form.

Among the changes:

  • No distinction between elementary and secondary building certification. Instead, administrators may be certificated as PK-12 building administrators or central office administrators.
  • A Substitute Administrator Permit, called a “full-year school administrator substitute permit," would be available.
  • School districts must obtain a substitute administrator permit for anyone working in administration who does not have a valid administrator certificate, including for those administrators who are hired without an administrator certificate, but who begin a program leading to certification within six months of employment (see MCL 380. 1246(3)).
    • A district, rather than the administrator, would be responsible for applying to the superintendent of public instruction for the substitute administrator permit.
    • The requirements for the permit would be:
      • There are no appropriately certificated administrators available for the assignment,
      • The substitute administrator must have earned at least a bachelor’s degree,
      • The substitute administrator must have a mentor,
      • The permit is valid for the particular substitute administrator position for the particular school year and
      • The fee for the substitute permit must be paid prior to the first day the person works in the position.
    • Substitute administrator permits could be renewed up to three times, so long as the district provides documentation of:
      • Formal observations and a rating of either effective or highly effective in a comprehensive evaluation,
      • The substitute administrator having enrolled in an approved administrator preparation program within six months of employment,
      • The substitute administrator presents an administrator preparation course of study to the employing district

These rules are still in the proposed stage and will not become official MDE rules until they go through the full administrative rules process, including public hearing on the draft rules.

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