Nominations Sought for MASB Board of Directors

The MASB Board of Directors is comprised of 19 members: 16 directors elected from the eight regions (two from each); and one director each from Groups V, VI and VII. Directors are elected by active member school boards and each year several seats are up for election. This year, seven seats are open (one seat each with the exception of Region 8; three-year terms unless otherwise noted) Regions 3, 4, 6 (one-year term), 7, 8 (one two-year term; one three-year term) and Group V.

Your board's nomination of candidates for the MASB Board of Directors must be forwarded to the MASB Executive Director by Wednesday, Jan. 13, 2016. If your board wishes to nominate a member, please be certain that the person agrees to be a candidate and is certified by MASB.

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Board Member Awards Program

The Board Member Awards Program, with basic certification as its cornerstone, was developed in 1990 with input from both veteran Michigan school board members and representatives from higher education and state administrator organizations. Its goal is to enhance the ability of school boards to improve Michigan public schools and the achievement of 1.6 million Michigan students.

All 2014 tallysheets have been entered; please review yours and let us know if you have any questions by contacting the Leadership Development Department.

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New From MASB:
Board Duties Under the Revised School Code

MASB's newest resource for members is a quick reference guide to Michigan's Revised School Code. It's designed to help you understand your essential duties under the law both as a board of education and as an individual board member. Visit the MASB Online Store to order your copy now.


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