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The Revised School Code requires school boards to evaluate their superintendent's job performance annually as part of a comprehensive performance evaluation system that takes into account student growth data and requires certain additional factors. MASB is pleased to provide a superintendent evaluation tool for your board's use.

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Sept. 22 – 23, 2016

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Board Member Awards Program

The Board Member Awards Program, with basic certification as its cornerstone, was developed in 1990 with input from both veteran Michigan school board members and representatives from higher education and state administrator organizations. Its goal is to enhance the ability of school boards to improve Michigan public schools and the achievement of 1.6 million Michigan students.

All 2015 tallysheets have been entered; please review yours and let us know if you have any questions by contacting the Leadership Development Department.

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New From MASB:
2016 Candidate's Guide to School Board Elections

MASB's newest resource for members provides an overview of the legal qualifications and procedures related to electing a board of education seat. Additionally, the guide gives candidates an introduction to the roles and responsibilities of school board members  Visit the MASB Online Store to order your copy now.


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