You and Your School Board Matter

Stacy Bogard

By Stacy Bogard, CAE, MASB Assistant Director of Communications, PR & Marketing

DashBoard, May 2, 2018

More than 1.5 million Michigan schoolchildren enrolled in public schools depend on school board members who understand the importance of public education and are willing to serve their communities and sit in trust for those interests.

For those of you who will need to fill at least one open seat on your board this election year, we're walking through the process of recruiting qualified candidates over the next few weeks. Next up—why serve?

When MASB asked current Michigan school board members why they serve on school boards, they shared several reasons:

“I can make a difference for the children of our district.”

“I serve to be fully accountable for what our school provides and doesn’t provide.”

“I serve to be a voice in my community.”

“I serve to shape the lives of our future.”

“I serve, not only for the children, but for the taxpayers and the community. Good schools lead to good jobs and a secure community.”

“I serve because I like the challenge of finding ways to save money.”

Here are a few additional thoughts:

The Get on Board campaign is a grassroots effort focused on encouraging civic-minded, student-focused individuals like you to give back to their community and to help advocate for and improve student achievement through board service.

Get on Board

“There are so many other people out there who may be intimidated by the process,” noted John Tramontana, CAE, MASB’s Director of Communications, PR & Marketing and Dewitt Public Schools Board Trustee. “They’re interested in giving back, but the task of running for public office might be overbearing.

But, so much is at stake when good people don’t run. Student achievement and the quality of education are threatened. An effective board can create positive outcomes in a district, while an ineffective board can be detrimental to student progress.”

MASB needs your help in order for this campaign to be successful. The filing deadline is July 24 and it will be here before we know it. The sooner we start identifying and recruiting those who have the potential to be effective board members, the better off our districts and students will be.

So if you have a vacant position on your board, think of your family, friends and community members—is there someone that you think would serve well in that role? Share with them why you serve and encourage them to Get on Board!

For more information and resources, check out the Get on Board microsite. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact MASB at or 517.327.5900.

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