MASB/MASA Joint ConferenceMASA/MASB Joint Conference and Winter Institute

Feb. 8 – 10, 2019
Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center

Thank you to those who attended this year's Winter Institute/Joint Conference!

As part of MASB’s Winter Institute, please join us for a collaborative learning opportunity on Friday with the Michigan Association of Superintendents & Administrators, where attendees will strengthen the relationship between the district’s board members and superintendent through general and clinic sessions. Saturday and Sunday programming will include:

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Friday, Feb. 8, 2019

7 a.m. – 4 p.m.
MASB/MASA Joint Conference

7 – 9 a.m. Strolling Breakfast & Exhibit Show
Ontario Exhibit Hall (3rd Floor)
9 – 9:10 a.m. Travel Time
9:10 – 11:10 a.m. General Session
Ambassador Ballroom (3rd Floor)

Moderated Conversation With MASB and MASA Executive Directors

Pushing Back on 8 Outmoded Beliefs
Presenter: Kim Marshall

Important changes have occurred in educators’ and the lay public’s attitudes on a number of key issues in K-12 schools. Author of The Marshall Memo, a weekly round-up of important ideas and research in K-12 education, Marshall will explore positive shifts in these old beliefs:

1. Intelligence and talent are fixed at birth
2. Poverty is destiny
3. Principals are primarily managers
4. Great teachers are born, not made
5. Teacher evaluation is mostly a waste of time
6. Students’ feedback on teachers can’t be taken seriously
7. Tests are tests
8. Teachers can’t be held responsible for student learning

With each one, Marshall will describe new thinking that provides brighter prospects for improving teaching and learning for all students. Participants will ponder whether colleagues, students and other stakeholders still hold the old beliefs, share success stories on how beliefs have been changed, and elicit specific plans for making progress in one or two key areas “back home."

11:10 – 11:20 a.m. Travel Time
11:20 – 11:50 a.m. Clinic Sessions

Effective Facility Planning Through Community Engagement
Richard AB (5th Floor)
As you look toward the future of your district, a reliable way to get a clear picture of your facility needs is to conduct an assessment. A good assessment will help you evaluate the priorities for your district, plan for the future and enable more efficient operations.
Presenter: Brendon Pollard, President, Kingscott & Associates

Can Your Teachers Afford to Live in the County Where They Teach?
Duluth AB (5th Floor)
This session was inspired by the National Public Radio broadcast, "The Fight Over Teacher Salaries: A Look at the Numbers." Presenters will utilize data from the Michigan League for Public Policy to compare the minimum cost of living for each Michigan county by cost categories and lifestyles. To answer the session title's question, correlations will be drawn with average teacher salaries. This session will use live internet data to compare any school district with any county.
Presenters: Buzz Brown, Co-Founder, Munetrix
Jill Pastor, Superintendent, Southgate Community Schools

The Partnership Approach to Child Nutrition
LaSalle AB (5th Floor)
Come learn how the students in the School District of the City of Pontiac have flourished from the many benefits including a 75% fresh-from-scratch menu. We offer a session that describes how Pontiac has been able to grow academically and fiscally with the key strategy being the implementation of a new food service program that is achieving record participation, student satisfaction and district revenues.
Presenters: Kelley Williams, Superintendent, School District of the City of Pontiac
Monty Staggs, President, SFE—Southwest Food Excellence

Protecting Students, Staff and Facilities
Brule AB (5th Floor)
In this session, you will learn that identifying and reacting to physical and online security threats is a significant challenge for school districts. The convergence of the cyber and physical worlds has made the work of physical security teams on the ground infinitely harder. The unprecedented transparency, immediacy and high volume of information available online—especially on social media—can expose students, employees, executives and facilities to potential harm from a wide range of bad actors. The team from CenturyLink will discuss real-world solutions to these issues.
Presenter: James Maddox, Director, CenturyLink

Relational Leadership: The Foundation for a High-Performing Culture
Nicolet AB (5th Floor)
Flip Flippen believes, “If you have a child’s heart, you have a child’s mind.” Culture is either random or intentional. Schools require several tiers of leadership and intervention to create a positive culture where students are motivated to learn. We will use research-based processes to equip educators with tools to build relationships and high-performing, self-managing teams that lead to achieving remarkable results—increases in attendance, student achievement, and decreases in discipline referrals and drop-out rates. Join us for this exciting presentation and see how relational leadership can make all the difference in the lives of children.
Presenter: Vern Hazard, Senior Leadership Solutions Executive, Flippen Group

Value of the School Business Official
Joliet AB (5th Floor)
The session will highlight the need for qualified, skilled School Business Officials within a school district. In most districts, SBOs are the second highest administrator reporting directly to the superintendent or board president. SBOs work with superintendents and board members to ensure resources are available for student success.
Presenters: Robert Dwan, Associate Executive Director, Michigan School Business Officials

Vendor Document Optimization
Marquette AB (5th Floor)
Some of the biggest mistakes a school district can make are missing the little details in vendor agreements, request for proposals and even scope of work. Our session will highlight the common pitfalls school districts may face when putting together these legal documents and how superintendents and boards members work together on vendor agreements.
Presenter: Craig Wall, Director of Business Development, ABM

11:50 a.m. – Noon Travel Time
Noon - 12:45 p.m. Lunch
Columbus (4th Floor)
12:45 – 12:55 p.m. Travel Time
12:55 – 1:25 p.m. Clinic Sessions

Addressing the Growing Epidemic of Behavioral Disruptions in Our Schools
Marquette AB (5th Floor)
A recent EAB survey has shown that schools across the country are experiencing a dramatic rise in behavioral disruptions among students in grades K-5. Research shows us that effective prevention requires both early identification and positive adult-student relationships. Join us to explore the stressors shaping today’s youngest students and take home a proven first step to ensuring that every child in your district is seen and heard.
Presenter: Ben Court, Associate Director, EAB

Breakfast Models That Work
LaSalle AB (5th Floor)
In this session, the principal and food service director of Hazel Park High School will tell the story of how breakfast carts worked for older students, who often do not have breakfast in mind but benefit academically and behaviorally from critical early morning nutrition. Staff from the Michigan Department of Education will present other models of breakfast delivery that are proven to work in various buildings and at different grade levels.
Presenters: Phil Chase, Office of Health Nutrition Services, Michigan Department of Education
Samantha Mozdzierz, Director of Food Services, Hazel Park Schools
Matthew Dailey, Principal, Hazel Park Schools

Building Confidence in Building Your Bond Program
Nicolet AB (5th Floor)
When the seed of an idea begins to take shape regarding a future bond program, there are often skeptics who question the validity of moving forward with a program. This is often the norm and not the exception. You will hear from Northville Public Schools Superintendent and Board President, and TMP Architecture’s President how their successful process built confidence in all parties from the administration to the board, and ultimately, the community of voters to move forward with an exciting bond program.
Presenters: Gail Allevato, President and Chief Marketing Officer, TMP Architecture
Mary Kay Gallagher, Superintendent, Northville Public Schools
Cynthia Jankowski, Board President, Northville Public Schools

Data-Driven Decisionmaking—Leveraging Innovation and Data to Design Strategic Infrastructure Renewal Projects
Brule AB (5th Floor)
K-12 districts are constantly being pressured to provide an exceptional learning environment for their communities. Easier said than done! This mission requires collaboration from all major stakeholders, as well as valuable data-driven information, in order to make the right long-term and defendable decisions. Further, given that infrastructure needs typically far exceed any fund balances, maximizing your ROI on all of your projects is absolutely critical.
Presenters: Terry Stoklosa, Michigan Business Manager, Siemens Industry
Nicole Gazzeny, Senior Sales Executive, Siemens Industry
Russell E. Pickell, Ed.D., Superintendent, Riverview Community Schools

Dual Enrollment Collaboration: School Districts + Four-Year University Working Together for Affordable College Access
Joliet AB (5th Floor)
Please come prepared to not only listen to your peers, we will also ask participants who partner with post-secondary institutions to share their perspectives. By forming dual enrollment partnerships with K-12 schools, WMU is opening up access for high school students to a major research university.
Presenters: Chuck Pearson, Ph.D., Director of Early College Programs, Extended University Programs, Western Michigan University
Jeff Beal, Superintendent, Jackson Public Schools

K-8 Virtual Learning: Raising the Bar in Michigan
Richard AB (5th Floor)
This session covers key considerations for success in K-8 virtual learning, with practical examples of how to improve student engagement, curriculum, project-based learning and overall program design. It will include the academic research that influences curriculum design for students who learn outside the traditional classroom settings, and Calvert’s approach based on 112 years of experience. You’ll also learn how Michigan districts are keeping more funds in district by serving virtual students with the Calvert and the Virtual Learning Academy Consortium, which partners with districts across Michigan.
Presenters: David Kanter, Chief Academic Officer, Calvert Education
Julie Aspach, Program Administrator, Virtual Learning Academy Consortium

Proven Strategies to Recruit and Retain School Bus Drivers With Little to no Cost
Duluth AB (5th Floor)
Is your district struggling to find enough quality school bus driver candidates? This session will cover three fundamentals that are vital to your transportation department’s success, along with low- and no-cost strategies to attract and retain school bus drivers in your district. These recruiting and retention methods have been used successfully throughout the state. Is your staff's time consumed with other operational and educational tasks? Find out how pupil transportation experts can help your transportation department with these efforts.
Presenter: Chad Brown, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Michigan Educational Transportation Services

1:25 – 1:35 p.m. Travel Time

1:35 – 2:45 p.m.

Clinic Sessions

The Benefits of a Balanced Calendar
NIcolet AB (5th Floor)
Meeting the demands in education takes more than just sound educators. As each year passes, the stakes get higher for school districts. The increased emphasis on test scores, the demands of state and federal mandates, and the need to close the gaps created in some cases by the traditional calendar are among three reasons for change. The objective of this session includes laying out the framework on how a balanced school calendar can make the difference and better meet the needs of the learners we serve. Data collected in Michigan will also be shared to support the change.
Presenter: David G. Hornak, Ed.D., Superintendent, Holt Public Schools and Executive Director, National Association for Year-Round Education

Best Practices in Superintendent Evaluation
Duluth AB (5th Floor)
Evaluation of the superintendent can be frustrating and time consuming for both the board and the superintendent! We’ll hear from a panel of experienced evaluation facilitators their best tips and advice for a meaningful and productive superintendent evaluation process. This session will have representatives from both MASB’s Superintendent Evaluation and MASA’s School Advance instruments present.
Presenters: Jay Bennett, M.Ed., Leadership Services Manager, MASB
Cindy Gansen, Consultant, MASB and MASA
Tina Kerr, Ph.D., Deputy Executive Director, MASA
Scott Morrell, Consultant, MASB

Board/Superintendent Communications: Working Toward Mastery
Marquette AB (5th Floor)
Communication is essential for developing and sustaining productive relationships between the school board and the superintendent, but what practices are most effective when time is at a premium? In this session, we’ll hear from experienced superintendents about the practices that have proven effective for their governance teams.
Presenters: Yvonne Caamal Canul, D.H.L., Superintendent, Lansing School District
Nick Ceglarek, Ed.D., Superintendent, Traverse Bay Area ISD
Dedrick Martin, Ed.D., Superintendent, Caledonia Community Schools

Collaborating to Build Capacity for Learner-Centered Schools
Brule AB (5th Floor)
Members of the Michigan Competency Consortium will present an overview of the collaborative work happening across MCC school districts to build capacity of leaders, shape culture and redefine learning for students. Presenters will introduce school board members and administrators to personalized, competency-based learning and implementation taking place within MCC districts. An interactive conversation will provide insight on the challenges and successful strategies for personalizing learning within MCC districts.
Presenters: John VanWagoner, Ph.D., Superintendent, Alpena Public Schools
David Richards, Ph.D., President, Core2Edge 

MDE Hot Topics
Richard AB (5th Floor)
Building on the goals of Michigan’s Top 10 in 10 strategic plan and the vision for supporting school districts outlined in the Every Student Succeeds Act state plan, the Michigan Department of Education is developing the Michigan Integrated Continuous Improvement Process.  MICIP will be a user-friendly environment, integrating assessing the needs of students, planning for continuous improvement and budget planning, with the use of new tools and processes focused on improving whole child outcomes. An overview of the MICIP vision and work to-date will be provided, along with an opportunity for session participants to provide feedback.
Presenter: Theresa Nugent, Ph.D., MICIP Lead, Michigan Department of Education

Navigating the New World of Bargaining
LaSalle AB (5th Floor)
Negotiations with labor groups are not what they used to be! This panel conversation will explore the nature of some of the changes, techniques to consider when in a difficult financial position, building relationships with labor groups and tips for union demands regarding safety/security of staff.
Presenters: Amy Conway, Superintendent, Gibraltar School District
Erin J. MacGregor, Ed.S., Superintendent, Howell Public Schools
Rod Green, Ph.D., Consultant, MASB (Moderator)

Strategies for a Successful Bond Campaign
Joliet AB (5th Floor)
There are so many things to consider when your school district is exploring and/or initiating a bond. Timing, communications, community needs. . .and the list goes on! Two veterans of multiple bond campaigns will share their strategies for effective campaigns.
Presenters: Dania Bazzi, Ph.D., Superintendent, Ferndale Schools
Denny Patzer, Consultant, MASB and Retired Superintendent, Otsego Public Schools

2:45 – 2:55 p.m. Travel Time
2:55 – 4 p.m. Closing General Session
Legislative Update
Ambassador Ballroom (3rd Floor)
Presenters: Jennifer Smith, Director of Government Relations, MASB
Peter Spadafore, Associate Executive Director for Advocacy and Communications, MASA

6:30 – 9:30 p.m.
CBA 101: Fundamentals of School Board Service (Session A)
CBA 102: Policy
CBA 108: Navigating the Legislative Process
CBA 232: Communicating Effectively in Difficult Times
NEW! CBA 302: Understanding Assessments
SE2: Superintendent Evaluation: MASB Instrument-Specific Training

Saturday, Feb. 9

8:30 – 11:30 a.m.
CBA 101: Fundamentals of School Board Service (Session A, cont.)
CBA 106: Community Relations Leadership
CBA 214: Open Meetings Act
CBA 227: Ethical Challenges
CBA 297: Effective Board Meetings

8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
BPW: Board Presidents Workshop—FULL
The position of board president carries with it some unique responsibilities different from the responsibilities of the other positions on the board. Whether you're a newly elected president or one with years of experience, the Board President Workshop is a valuable opportunity to perfect your skills as a leader. During this workshop you will learn:

  • Leadership qualities
  • Legal responsibilities of the Board President
  • Techniques in meeting facilitation
  • The special relationship between Board President and the Superintendent
  • Dealing with the media
  • Acting as spokesperson for the board

CBA 101: Fundamentals of School Board Service (Session B)            

12:30 – 3:30 p.m.
CBA 102: Policy
CBA 109: Board Governance for Data-Informed Decisionmaking
CBA 257: School District Safety and Security
CBA 262: Spokesperson Training
CBA 276: Board/Superintendent Relations

3:45 – 6:45 p.m.
CBA 103: School Finance and Budget—FULL
CBA 104: Basic School Law
CBA 248: Team Building
CBA 253: Board Operating Procedures
CBA 343: Data First: Teacher Quality

Sunday, Feb. 10

8:30 – 11:30 a.m.
CBA 107: Labor Relations
CBA 108: Navigating the Legislative Process
CBA 223: Parliamentary Procedure
CBA 370: Managing Construction

8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
ABPW: Advanced Board Presidents Workshop
MASB has designed an interactive advanced workshop for board presidents featuring best practices and real-life strategies that address some of the specific challenges Board Presidents face as they lead their teams forward during turbulent times. In addition to providing top-notch content from experts in the field, this six-hour session includes opportunities for participants to role-play solutions and try out tools that will prepare them for the curveballs that inevitably come from the community and fellow board members. Topics include:

  • Meeting management
  • Using parliamentary procedure effectively
  • Finance facts
  • Social media dos and don'ts
  • Media interview guidelines
  • Superintendent evaluation
  • Building consensus on tough issues
  • Surprise, surprise—how to serve with calm, assertive energy in extreme conditions
  • Dealing with difficult board members

Prerequisite: Board President Workshop

12:30 – 3:30 p.m.
CBA 104: Basic School Law
CBA 105: Curriculum and Instruction
CBA 290: Advanced School Law
CBA 310: Anatomy of a School Budget

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Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center
400 Renaissance Dr NW
Detroit, MI 48243

Reservations: 877.901.6632
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