Recruiting School Board Candidates

Finding qualified candidates to fill vacancies on your board can be a difficult task. This guide was designed to help school districts recruit people to serve on the school board, and foster an understanding of what it takes to be an effective board member.

A Code of Ethical Relationships

MASB's guide to the ethics of school boardsmanship and educational administration. Provides guidelines for ethical relationships, essential to the successful operation of an educational system. This document presumes a relationship between boards of education, administrators, and community which promotes trust, open and honest communication, credibility and educational purpose.

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Filling a Board Vacancy by Appointment: A Simple Guide to the Fundamentals of Board Vacancies

A Communication Guide to Protecting Your School Community During Labor Strife

A School Board Member's Resource Guide: First-Year Orientation

School Foundation Plan

The Bargaining Toolkit for School Districts

AYP Toolkit

Creating a Culture of Accountability: Final Report of Michigan's Accountability Task Force