Teacher/Administrator Evaluation Law on its way to Governor

Jennifer Smith

By Jennifer Smith, MASB Director of Government Relations

DashBoard, Oct. 21, 2015

This week, Senate Bill 103, which would establish a teacher and administrator evaluation system, was finally sent to the Governor for his consideration and approval.

Under the bill, the percentage of the evaluation based on student growth will be 25 percent this year, instead of the 50 percent required under current law. The amount will then increase to 40 percent in 2018-2019. It requires least two classroom observations, and the administrator’s evaluation can be done annually, rather than specifying it must be at year-end.

The bill also requires training of all individuals who will be doing an evaluation by an individual trained to train others on the tool or a consultant on the tool. This was something MASB requested in the original bill and we are pleased that it was included in the final version.

It does requires the Michigan Department of Education to maintain a list of approved tools and establish rules to add tools to the list or remove them. However, a district is not required to use a tool on the list if they have a tool already in use and it is applied uniformly throughout the district. Finally, it allows the budgeted funds that carried over from last fiscal year to be used this year for purchase of a tool and training.

MASB is pleased that an agreement on this legislation could be reached. This will give our teachers and administrators better tools to more accurately assess and improve overall teaching and administrative practices throughout the district.

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