Tally Sheet Information

MASB's tally sheets are used to keep track of your participation, CBA courses and attendance at events and conferences for the Certified Board Member Awards Program. Tally sheets are due each year by Dec. 31. Please note that your attendance at MASB conferences, academies, early birds, workshops, seminars and CBA courses are already on record at MASB.

For other professional development programs, leadership service and experience, please provide the program name or activity, exact date (mm/dd/yy) and include copies of registration confirmations, programs, letters or other proof of attendance or participation. Activities/events must have occurred during the last 12 months (Jan. 1 - Dec. 31). Support/evidence of participation must be included to receive credit. 

Programs and Activities Recorded by MASB

  • Annual Leadership Conference
  • NSBA Annual Conference, Advocacy Institute and Equity Symposium
  • Advanced Board Presidents Workshop
  • Board Member Certification Classes (CBAs)
  • Board Presidents Workshop
  • CASBA and Local Board Officers
  • Council of School Attorneys
  • Delegate Participation in Delegate Assembly
  • Institutes
  • Labor Relations Conference
  • Legislative Conference
  • Local Board Workshops led by MASB
  • MASB Board of Directors, Committee or Task Force Member
  • MASB Conference Moderator, Panelist, Presenter or Speaker
  • MASB Preconference Sessions
  • MCSA Annual and Spring Conferences
  • Special Services Workshops led by MASB

MASB Education Credit Overview

  • Half-day activities receive five credits; Full-day activities receive 10 credits.
  • Two-day conferences receive 20 credits; four-day conferences receive 40 credits, etc.
  • Officers, committee positions, speakers, moderators, etc., receive five credits.
  • Speeches, letters, articles, radio, TV, testimony etc., receive five credits.  

Summary of Award Levels 

Complete a Tally Sheet Form and Fax/Email (send to [email protected] or 517.327.5918)