2020 MASB Annual Leadership ConferenceClinic Sessions

Saturday, Nov. 7, 2020

10:15 – 11:15 a.m.


To aid attendees interested in focusing on specific topics, Clinic Sessions are organized into the following categories:

Governance and Executive Leadership

Governance and Executive Leadership—Effective leadership skills are necessary to transform public education. Learn how to align resources to the achievement of district standards and priorities, get updates on legal decisions impacting education, understand education reform, collaborate with diverse stakeholders and make better personal use of technology.
Innovations in District Management (Including Collaboration and Resource Sharing) Innovations in District Management (Including Collaboration and Resource Sharing)—Learn how to deal creatively and collaboratively with economic challenges, diminishing resources and local bond initiatives.
School Board/Superintendent/Community Partnerships School Board/Superintendent/Community Partnerships—Learn the different roles and responsibilities of the board and superintendents, as well as how to collaborate and develop long-term successful relationships inside and outside the system.
Student Achievement, Accountability and Data Student Achievement, Accountability and Data—Understand and use data to inform strategy and board decision. Gain an understanding of the conditions that optimize teaching and learning, narrow or eliminate the achievement gap, improve accountability and foster continuous improvement within a system.
Student, Family, Community, Wellness and Environment Student, Family, Community, Wellness and Environment—Support, environment and wellness profoundly affect student outcomes. Learn about factors that support and hinder these critical inputs to student learning, as well as strategies to address challenges.
Technology + Learning Solutions Technology + Learning Solutions—Technology is transforming how students learn. Learn about emerging research and technologies, practical strategies and real-life solutions.

Governance and Executive Leadership Free Speech and Social Media for Public Employees

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Don't get Facebook Fired! This entertaining and informative presentation will help administrators and board members navigate the difficult waters of employees' use of social media both inside and outside of the classroom.  You will laugh (and groan) while learning what educators should not do on social media, as well as learn what administrators and the board can do to protect the district and students from employees' poor use of social media.  

Presenters: Scott Sawyer, Executive Director of HR & Finance, District Title IX Coordinator and Andrea Wise, Assistant Director of Human Resources, Saginaw Intermediate School District

Governance and Executive Leadership Leading With an Inclusive Mindset

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Today's institutions of learning must have competent, forward-thinking leaders and educators who have the necessary skills to manage their schools and classrooms effectively.  To be a great leader, you need to be progressive, have integrity, lead with an inclusive and open –mindset, and be aware of the ever-changing world around you. This discussion will help attendees create, enhance, grow and cultivate an understanding of the importance of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion while creating a winning culture.  

Presenters: Tedi Parsons, President & CEO, The Professionals Forum and Fathy Shetiah, President & CEO, 7C Lingo

Governance and Executive Leadership School Law Hot Topics​ 

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MASB’s Legal Counsel will share updates on COVID-19-related issues, recent court decisions interpreting school-related laws, legislative changes and other trending school law topics while also answering all of your legal questions.  

Presenter: Brad Banasik, J.D., Legal Counsel/Director of Labor Relations & Policy, MASB

Innovations in District Management (Including Collaboration and Resource Sharing) Benefits Administration Made Easy With MESSA

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Administrating health benefits for school districts can be challenging in the ever-evolving world of health care. Attendees will learn about MESSA’s comprehensive suite of business services that ease the workload for HR teams; MESSA’s Business Administration Center that provides online enrollment tools, invoices, reports and more; and other tools that simplify administrating health benefits. School board members will gain knowledge needed to make informed decisions about how to best use district resources for health care.  

Presenters: Kim Toman, Benefits Manager and Jennifer Barnard, Benefits Manager, Saline Area Schools, and Melanie McCoy, Benefits Administration Specialist, MESSA

Innovations in District Management (Including Collaboration and Resource Sharing) Best Business Practices to Promote District Financial Stability

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This session will focus on board fiduciary responsibility of monitoring and maintaining district financial health through use of best business practices.  Current national research on district sustainability, as well as recent Michigan case studies, will provide participants with a road map on how to recognize and support best practices for district sustainability.  This presentation will be given by a CPA and 40-year veteran of school business leadership. Topics include tenets of sustainability, strategic planning, board governance standards, building better finance and HR offices, the Uniform Budgeting and Accounting Act, zero-based budgeting, GFOA smarter school spending, fund balance recommendation, forecasting, and reading your audit report.  

Presenter: Donald Sovey, President and CEO, School and Municipal Advisory Services, PC

Innovations in District Management (Including Collaboration and Resource Sharing) Solar 101—Moving to Alternative Energy by Impacting the Bottom Line and the Classroom

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Otsego Public Schools will be moving to solar energy on all of its campuses. This presentation will share our process by showing how we involved our students, moving through the legal process, how we involved our board, the cost savings, and the future applications for our students with a student solar array and SAMI Solar.  

Presenters: Jeff Haase, Superintendent, Jay Petty, Board President, Scot Rietenour, Board Secretary, Otsego Public Schools, and Kelly Hipskind, Owner, Sun FundED

Student Achievement, Accountability and Data The D Word: Dyslexia and What Schools Can Do About It

This session will inform school board members and superintendents about dyslexia, who it impacts, and how multisensory, structured and sequential reading instruction can change the lives of children in their communities.  

Presenters: Stephen Keskes, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction and Bob Gaffney, Vice President, Clio Area Schools, and Nancy Williams, Director, Children's Choice Initiative

Student, Family, Community, Wellness and Environment Best Practices and Lessons Learned During the COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 has been a period of unanticipated challenges that were new to everyone involved.  District leadership played a key role in meeting the needs of students while they were prevented from attending school.  Join representatives from the Michigan Department of Education in a discussion of best practices and lessons learned from the crisis and the unique role school board members played to support district administration.  

Presenter: Diane Golzynski, Director, Office of Health and Nutrition Services, Michigan Department of Education

Technology + Learning Solutions Is Your District Prepared for Remote Learning?

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COVID-19 revealed just how underprepared our education system was for an abrupt shift to remote learning. As we reshape our schools to better prepare for the future, school boards play a critical role in forging the path forward. In this session, a panel of Michigan school leaders share lessons from the field on how school boards can assess the efficacy of their remote learning program, diagnose community needs and shape policies for student success.  

Presenters: Christopher Harrington, Director of the Michigan Virtual Learning Research Institute, Michigan Virtual, John Hood, Superintendent, Okemos Public Schools, Dan Hyliard, 9th Grade Dean and Kevin Karr, PreK-12 International Baccalaureate District Facilitator, Ann Arbor Public Schools and George Rierson, District Superintendent, Unionville-Sebewaing Area School District