Recruiting School Board Candidates

Finding qualified candidates to fill vacancies on your board can be a difficult task. This guide was designed to help school districts recruit people to serve on the school board, and foster an understanding of what it takes to be an effective board member.

Indicators of Effective Boards and Board Members

MASB has developed indicators of effective boards and board members that encompass the most important responsibilities of a board of education.

Overview of the Open Meetings Act

This is a brief primer on the Open Meetings Act. A comprehensive booklet may be purchased through the Online Store.

Roles and Responsibilities

This concise document lays out the difference between the superintendent's role and the board's role.

County Area School Board Associations

CASBAs offer an opportunity for school board members to get support and information about issues as well as a forum for discussion of and advocacy for the promotion of these issues. They also serve as a regional link between MASB and local school board members.