Certified Boardmember Awards Program

School board members can earn awards for improving their leadership skills, demonstrating their commitment to student achievement and investing in their own continuous improvement. Awards are earned for classes completed in MASB’s training program, as well as for conference attendance and leadership activities.

MASB’s Certified Boardmember Awards Program includes nine 100-level courses that were developed as a core curriculum for board members to gain a better understanding of all aspects of their position. Completion of the entire series is required to receive the first level of certification, the Certified Boardmember Award. 

The program also includes more than 50 advanced level courses. The 200- and 300-level Certified Boardmember Award courses may be taken in any order. Board members also can earn education credit through professional development, leadership experience and service outside of MASB classes, conferences and activities. 

Board members can also achieve two other specialties by participating in the CBA training program—Advocacy Skills and Data.

MASB tracks all organization-sponsored classes and events. To receive credit for other eligible activities, board members must submit a Tally Sheet by Dec. 31.

Whole boards also receive recognition. When all board members on a board achieve the same level of certification, an award is given acknowledging their collective commitment to continuous improvement.

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School Board Recognition Month 

January is School Board Recognition Month, a dedicated opportunity to honor the elected public school board members across the state. This time is set aside to say “thank you” to all of you as public school leaders who ensure all students have what they need to achieve and succeed.

MASB supplies a toolkit for your district to build community awareness and understanding about the crucial role an elected board of trustees assumes in a representative democracy.