School Board Members Recognized for Efforts Toward Becoming More Effective Leaders

More than 160 school board members and 24 boards representing 40 counties earned certification awards from the Michigan Association of School Boards for efforts to improve their leadership skills and become more effective school leaders. They earned their awards by completing classes in MASB’s leadership training program, as well as for conference attendance, years of service and leadership activities. Participation in leadership training is in addition to the countless hours board members spend at meetings and events, as well as reviewing data and board packets.

The training helps board members to keep pace with the fast-moving and complex changes in education. Last year, more than 1,000 members statewide participated in MASB’s program.

“With the public’s expectation for accountability and transparency, it’s more important than ever that our school leaders are informed and prepared to deal with the complex education issues they face,” said MASB Executive Director Kathy Hayes. “Training equips them with the tools necessary to make the best decisions for the kids of our state.”

The awards honor board members for seven levels of achievement; view the specific criteria here. To achieve Level 1 and become “certified,” board members receive 30 hours of classroom training in subjects ranging from school law and finance to community relations. Higher levels of recognition require even more coursework, service and leadership responsibilities.

Special recognition is also given to boards of education when all members within the same board complete different levels. The highest honor is given to boards on which all members have achieved Level 5, earning them the Master Diamond Board Award. Only one board in the state (Genesee ISD) has ever earned this honor.

Detailed press releases by county are available upon request.