MASB to Sen. Shirkey: Don’t Ignore Data When it Comes to School Funding

The Michigan Association of School Boards issued the following statement in regard to Sen. Mike Shirkey’s (R-Clarklake) bill (Senate Bill 319) to repeal the bipartisan solution to conduct an adequacy study for school funding:

“Sen. Shirkey shouldn’t be turning away from valuable data that could ensure Michigan provides a quality education to every student, every time,” said Don Wotruba, Deputy Director of MASB. “We have reached a time in education where there are many choices on how to receive it. Each variation comes with a different expenditure, yet we provide revenue at a fixed amount. We must examine the costs of delivering education and adjust our school funding system accordingly. As well, we must examine the distribution system.

“To propose a bill that would eliminate this study that was agreed upon by a bipartisan majority in both chambers just a few months ago, would be irresponsible. Gov. Snyder consistently speaks to the need for more and better data to help make informed decisions on behalf of the people of Michigan. We whole-heartedly agree and implore Senate Leadership to stand by the commitment made in Public Act 555 of 2014.”