Wotruba: DPS Needs Swift Solution That Will Work Long-Term

MASB Executive Director Don Wotruba issued the following statement on Detroit Public Schools and Senate Bills 710 and 711 that were introduced last week:

“The introduction of these is a good first step, but we’re still a long ways from a solution that works for Detroit, the state of Michigan and our students. We hope this solution will come quickly as DPS can no longer wait to have a long-term fix in place. We appreciate this legislation restoring control back to a locally elected board this November, but until we address the district’s crippling debt and infrastructure, I fear we’re only setting up this board to fail.

“Where other districts across the state have the ability to invest in infrastructure, Detroit’s debt makes that next to impossible. Until we put forward a real plan to fix this issue, we will never have a long-term solution that gets Detroit Public Schools back to the thriving district it once was.

“DPS is not just a Detroit problem. The Flint water crisis is not just a Flint problem. For too long, the state has not adequately funded our municipalities and our schools. It has led to the crises we currently face. We owe it to our communities and to our children to do better by holding people accountable and finding solutions that work. Every child in Michigan deserves a quality public education. We look forward to working with the Governor and the Legislature to address these issues, and ensure we are making the proper investments and providing safe environments for our children to learn and succeed.”