Online Classes

MASB is pleased and excited to offer online classes to our board members. As we've ventured into online learning, we have learned from our members that the convenience of taking classes online is a great service to those who have difficulty traveling to different locations to take in-person Certified Boardmember Award classes.

Online classes have enjoyed tremendous growth in popularity in recent years. The convenience and flexibility are key factors in the success of e-learning opportunities. The following comments from one member who took an online class represent many similar comments made by others.

In response to the question, "What are the advantages to taking an online class?," the following comments were made:

"I can do it at midnight if I need to when the kids are in bed."

"I don't have to travel long distances."

"I can interact with other course participants at their leisure."

"I make interesting contacts and develop my email address list."

"I can network with my colleagues in other places at any time."

"I can access the WHOLE WEB in terms of resources. It is really something that MASB should continue to develop as the advantages are endless."

Although taking a class online is not for everyone, we are pleased to provide an alternative opportunity for your professional development. Below you will see the classes we presently offer.

CBA 101: Introduction to School Board Service, $190
CBA 102: Policy, $95
CBA 103: School Finance and School Budget, $95 - COURSE TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE
CBA 105: Curriculum and Instruction, $95 - COURSE TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE
CBA 106: Community Relations Leadership, $95
CBA 107: Labor Relations, $95
CBA 109: Board Governance for Data-Informed Decisionmaking, $95

Access Online Classes Here

If you have any questions, please contact Mary McCarthy at or 517.327.5918.