NSBA Refreshes Stand Up 4 Public Schools Campaign, Encourages Submissions

Stacy Bogard

By Stacy Bogard, CAE, MASB Assistant Director of Communications, PR & Marketing

DashBoard, June 7, 2017

Extraordinary teaching and learning occurs daily in our nation’s public schools, but you wouldn’t know it based on a chorus of detractors who misunderstand what happens in today’s classrooms, or worse, are engaged in a deliberate effort to undermine public education. We can’t let the future of our public schools be determined by people who want to weaken or pivot away from public education.

With new threats to public education before us, there is no better time to stand up for our public schools. For everyone who understands and appreciates the value of public education, the National School Boards Association is providing an excellent platform to demonstrate their support for public education.

The Stand Up 4 Public Schools campaign has been refreshed and the new strategic concept is aimed at telling the full and rich story of public schools. The campaign highlights the creative, innovative and extraordinary ways public schools are helping students prepare for their future, enhancing the quality of life in their communities and helping generate future prosperity.

Indeed, public schools have lifted generations of students to new heights, and our schools have enormous potential to continue to do the great work they have been doing for more than 300 years. Public schools have elevated children and their families out of poverty, driven our economy to unimagined growth, enriched the lives of people across the country through the arts and community service, and strengthened democracy. We should be quite proud of these great accomplishments and tell our story more vigorously.

It’s imperative we do a better job of telling public education’s story so the public and policymakers understand that every single day something great is happening in public schools. The Stand Up campaign’s new focus and redesigned website ( enables us to tell the story through first-person accounts and by showcasing programs and people doing great work. A key feature within the site is the short movie, No Ordinary Day, which brings the strategy and story to life in a compelling way.

There are a lot of excellent programs and people in our state making a significant difference in their students’ lives and community. These stories are essential to tell the true story of our public schools, and the Stand Up campaign is an excellent platform to recognize them. I encourage you to go to the website to highlight programs and people deserving recognition. You can provide a little information on the Contact Us page on the website and NSBA staff will follow up with the appropriate people so their story can be featured.

The clear majority of Americans believe public education is the great equalizer and that it provides them with the ability to control their own destiny. The long history of public schools proves that they are right. 

It’s time, now more than ever, to stand up for public schools with as much energy as possible. 

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