Member Kudos: Saginaw ISD Administrators Inducted Into MASA Winners’ Circle

DashBoard, March 4, 2015

Saginaw ISD Administrators Inducted Into MASA Winners’ Circle
Photo Courtesy of Saginaw ISD.

Kathy Stewart, Superintendent of Saginaw Intermediate School District, along with the Saginaw ISD School to Work Team Janet Timbs, Patrick Bray, Deb vanBenschoten, Denny Wickham, Chico Ramos, Cherie Coopersmith and Mary Ruckle were inducted into the MASA Winners’ Circle on Jan. 22, 2015. The Winners’ Circle is MASA’s way of recognizing members whose leadership has launched or adapted an effective program or practice, that achieves results, and that could be replicated in other districts. The administrators were honored at an Awards and Recognition luncheon during MASA’s Midwinter Conference in Kalamazoo.

Timbs and the other recipients are being recognized for the Saginaw ISD School to Work Program. The School to Work Program is a collaborative program that helps strengthen the relationship between students and the greater community. It provides a variety of services to meet the needs and post-school outcomes of students with disabilities including functional vocational evaluations, job readiness preparation, employment opportunities and a college readiness program. In addition, the School to Work Team sponsors an annual Job Fair designed specifically for students with disabilities.

The program has developed partnerships with over 84 employers in and around Saginaw County. The team is responsible for 50 successful Michigan Rehabilitation Services case closures and has approximately 163 MRS open cases for students with disabilities in Saginaw County schools. Spanning four of the past five years, businesses from Saginaw County who partner with the School to Work Program have won the State of Michigan Champion Award.

Outcomes associated with the college preparation program include higher rates of students with disabilities enrolling in and attending Delta College. The data indicate that students who have participated in the college preparation program as part of the School to Work Program have higher retention rates when compared with the general population of students attending Delta.

Overall, the School to Work Program is providing students with programs and services needed to assist them with successful transition into adult life.

For Further Information Contact:
Janet Timbs, Director of Special Education, Saginaw ISD

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