Member Kudos: President's Award Recipients Lynda Jackson and Dawn Johnson

DashBoard, May 13, 2015

Eight members earned the President's Award of Recognition in 2014, the highest individual honor in MASB's CBA Program. MASB staff asked each of these dedicated life-long learners to share a few thoughts. This week, we hear from:

Lynda Jackson (Wayne RESA) Dawn Johnson Dawn Johnson (Lincoln Park Public Schools)


How many years have you served on your boards?

Lynda: I became a member of the Ecorse Board of Education on Sept. 12, 1995 until January 2015, and Wayne RESA January 2000 and presently serving the RESA Board of Education.

Dawn: 15 years

When did you take your first CBA class?

Lynda: Regina Wilson who was on the River Rouge Board of Education introduced me to MASB one day when she couldn't drive for an evening class in Lansing. I wasn't registered at the time but went anyway. It was cold and snowing. We didn't have GPS at the time but we made it safely. The very next day, I requested to be registered for a class; it was so exciting, like a new world had opened up. My board denied my request. Determined, I paid my own way to become a certified board member taking those very important steps to become a more informed and equipped board member with Policy and Procedures. Regina passed away before I completed my Master Board Member Award, but I will never forget how proud she was that I had even finished that first certification award.

Dawn: The first class I took was a policy one (CBA 102) on Feb. 13, 2000.

What has been your favorite class?

Lynda: All of the classes were wonderful, but the most exciting were the 100 classes because they were my first.

Dawn: I tend to gear toward the finance and school law classes.

What is the #1 reason you continued to take the courses necessary to achieve Level 7 recognition?

Lynda: MASB gave me increasing knowledge with every class and conference that I attended.

Dawn: I strongly believe in professional development, not only for staff, but for board members as well. There is always room for more knowledge.

What is some of the information that has really stuck with you?

Lynda: MASB classes consistently demonstrated a conscientiousness and genuine commitment in assisting  board members making my decision to continue to the highest level I could achieve even greater than I could have imagined. Who knew that all of this was possible by helping a friend who didn't want to drive on a cold, winter night to Lansing for a class. Powerful! Thank you Regina Wilson.

Dawn: That it is really hard to budget. You are never sure what the state is going to do at any time. That is why it is so important to stay on top of everything. Also, how important data has become in the usefulness of monitoring student achievement.

Additional Comments?

Dawn: The world of education is constantly changing and you need to stay updated to give your students the best education you can in all aspects of life. MASB does a great job keeping us informed with classes and conferences that they offer.

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