Member Kudos: Sailors Ride With PRIDE, Mona Shores Public Schools

2015 Education Excellence Award Recipient

DashBoard, Sept. 2, 2015

The 20 recipients of the 2015 MASB/SET SEG Foundation Education Excellence Awards are some of the greatest examples of unique and innovative public school programs in the state of Michigan. Over the next few months, MASB will share the details of each program from their applications, presented in alphabetical order by district. This week we highlight the Sailors Ride With PRIDE program at Mona Shores High in Mona Shores Public Schools.

Description: Goal: Students will exhibit positive behaviors that impact safe driving and student achievement in both school and community.


  1. Students pledge to not drink alcoholic beverages and drive.
  2. Students pledge to not text while driving.
  3. Students pledge to not participate in any form of alcohol drinking parties.
  4. Students pledge to not get into a vehicle with a driver that has consumed alcoholic beverages.
  5. Students pledge to not consume any unprescribed controlled substances.
  6. Students pledge to wear their seatbelt whenever riding in or driving a vehicle.
  7. Students pledge to encourage others to wear seatbelts when riding in or driving a vehicle.
  8. Students pledge to not be convicted of any traffic- or alcohol-related offenses.
  9. Students pledge to not be involved in any disciplinary actions at school.
  10. Students pledge to follow the Mona Shores High School Sailor PRIDE Positive Behavior Matrix. (P=Personal Responsibility, R=Respect, I=Integrity, D=Disciplined, E=Engagement)
  11. Students pledge to have no negative contacts with police.
  12. Students pledge to remain enrolled as a student with positive school attendance.

Outcomes: Students who exhibit positive behaviors in school and community are eligible to win a car, moped and other prizes at the end of the school year Student Recognition Sailor PRIDE Assembly.

Funding/Resources: The volunteer Mona Shores High School MiBLSi Leadership team provides professional development to MSHS staff in the areas of positive behavior strategies for all areas of the school community. This team also established the MSHS positive behavior incentive program that includes the Pride Matrix and the Sailor PRIDE pass. The team works year-round securing the sponsorships for the incentives. Many area local businesses and restaurants donate prizes.

Community partnerships are key to the success of this program. Muskegon Ali provides financial support for banners, printing and t-shirts for the car and moped student finalists of the Sailors Ride With PRIDE incentive program.

We also partner with the Norton Shores Police Department. Liason Officer Jared Passchier and Chief Jon Gale provide leadership in the areas of safe driving promotions and the drug and alcohol awareness campaign.

Here are just a few of the many community connections we have made:

  • Ramos and Son’s Towing: Donation of Car
  • Nexes Realty: Donation of Moped
  • Josten’s: Donation of Sailor Pride Ring
  • Red Wings' Justin Abdelkader, former MSHS graduate: Donation of Signed Red Wings’ Jersey
  • Muskegon County Prosecutor: Guest speaker at Sailor Pride Assembly
  • National Honor Society Students: Assist in escorting distinguished guests to awards assembly
  • Sen. Hansen and Rep. Colleen Lamonte: Attend the student recognition assembly

Outreach: Communication: Students are the benefactors of receiving direct information on the value, relevance and importance of safe driving and positive behavior supports in the school and community. Students participate in the planning of awareness activities and public announcements, provide feedback through student surveys that directly impact planning, and support positive behavior school and community strategies. Students communicate behaviors that they feel impact academic success that lead to college and career readiness.

Creativity: Students are directly involved in the creation of public service announcements and videos through designing, producing and broadcasting. These tools are used to promote and teach the value of positive behaviors in the school and community. Students are directly involved in creating the positive culture in hallways and classrooms through designing artwork that includes inspirational quotes, phrases and words that promote positive behaviors. Students design and create the following:

  • Teaching positive behaviors in school and community
  • Ride with Pride logo
  • Pride Pass recognition award
  • Ride with Pride Car and Moped Give Away promotional videos

Critical Thinking: Student surveys provide feedback on the impact of the positive behavior pledge and Sailor PRIDE behavior matrix. Students apply the learned positive behaviors in the area of academic success as it leads to preparation for college and its impact on employability skills. Students are using problem-solving skills as they find themselves in situations where they need to stay true to their pledge.

Collaboration: Through partnerships with Muskegon Ali, the Norton Shores Police Department, the MiBLSi Leadership team, Student Leadership class, Broadcast Speech class and area businesses, the Sailors Ride With PRIDE program is possible. Many meetings are held among these groups to ensure successful implementation. With student input, teacher leadership and educator feedback on the implementation of instructional and awareness strategies, the results are improved student academic and behavioral skills in school and within the community.

Results: Behavior Data Comparison Bar Graph:

As a result of the positive behavior school and community interventions, Mona Shores High School has experienced just under a 50 percent decrease in referrals (see the below Average Referrals Per Day and Per Month Multi-Year SWIS Data graph). Prior to PBIS and the Ride with Pride campaign, in the 2011-2012 school year, there were a total of 2,901 discipline referrals. For the 2013-2014 school year, there were 1,180 referrals total for the school year, for a decrease of 45 percent in discipline referrals.

Attendance and Failure Rate Bar Graph:

As a result of the positive behavior school and community strategies, Mona Shores High School has experienced a reduction in failure rate from the 2012-2013 to the 2014-2015 school year (see below chart). In the last two years, Mona Shores High School has observed an increase in students with less than five absences per trimester (see below chart).

Academic Data:

One of the three school-wide academic goals is to increase reading proficiency. In the 2013-2014 school year, there was a 14 percent increase in reading proficiency on the MME (see below chart). This is a direct resut of PBIS at Mona Shores High School.

Additional Information: In the past three years, Mona Shores High School has truly transformed the positive school climate and culture. Community members and visitors who come on our campus repeatedly share with us how welcoming and positive our staff and students are and they have noticed a transformation. We are now experiencing the academic gains we had hoped to see. MSHS is a safe and positive learning environment with exceptional results!

Program Coordinators: Anne Brainard (, Lori Foley (, Jennifer Bustard (, Jon Gale and Jared Passchier, Teacher Leaders, Principal and Norton Shores Police Department Officers

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