Member Kudos: Meet Fairview Area Schools

DashBoard, March 11, 2015

Fairview Public SchoolsFairview Area Schools was ranked #2 overall and as the top traditional school district in the recent Academic State Champ awards given by Bridge Magazine, and its high school (#6) was also honored this year in the first-ever ranking of individual schools.

"We are very proud of our students and staff," noted Superintendent Rob Ricketson.

More than 3,200 schools (traditional public schools and charters) were judged on state and national test scores over a three-year period, with student income levels factored in for each school. The top 5 percent were recognized for getting the most potential out of their students when these socioeconomic factors are considered.

Fairview is a district of approximately 300 students, smaller than most elementary schools in many school districts in metropolitan areas, with a geographic are of 325 square miles.

Fairview's focus is on doing the basics well. They also point to a collaboration with Kirtland Community College, use of technology and parental involvement as among the reasons for the school's success.

Congratulations to Fairview Public Schools on its recognition!

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