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MASB offers its members a wide range of services designed specifically for public boards of education. Use the members-only pages in this section to explore the resources and benefits available only to you.

Message From Executive Director Don Wotruba

Thanks to our loyal and dedicated members, the Michigan Association of School Boards' mission is as critical today as it was when it was first founded in 1949. As a result of the support of our members, MASB is a leading authority on educational policy issues. We recognize our strength rests in the collective voice of more than 4,000 board members whose coordinated effort through MASB gives them a strong voice in decisionmaking at the state and federal levels.

We often talk about how valuable MASB is to you as a member. I want to focus instead on how priceless your membership is to MASB. Without your support, we wouldn't be able to provide you with:

A nationally recognized certification program that has prepared thousands of board members for the challenging responsibilities they must assume.

Special reports, publications and 24/7 Web access that keeps you informed of the most current information on education policy, research and best practices, and provides a wealth of information throughout the year to help districts be stronger in good times and in bad.

Strong advocacy services at both the state and federal levels where your voice is represented and respected as a leading authority on educational policy issues. MASB’s lobbying efforts contributed greatly to landmark efforts that defeated school vouchers and advocated for teacher retirement and health care laws that give districts greater flexibility in negotiating health insurance and managing retirement costs.

We continually advocate for reforms to save money, including health care and retirement changes, to help you at the bargaining table.

In-house legal counsel available to every member to answer school law questions that saves districts hundreds of dollars in legal fees. All MASB members are eligible to receive assistance from the Legal Trust Fund in helping pay legal fees relating to cases that have statewide significance.

A highly skilled and professional staff that is ready to assist you in areas of policy, governance, labor relations, community relations and superintendent search.

Eligibility to participate in huge cost saving programs like SET SEG insurance, MILAF+, and special purchasing programs and financial services that save you money on everything from office supplies to credit card purchases.

Networking that provides a wealth of opportunities to exchange ideas and experiences with colleagues, and a sense of community with like-minded individuals working toward the shared goal of a strong and healthy public education system that meets the current and future needs of students.

We recognize that districts carefully examining all expenditures and we are committed to providing the same excellent level of service for our members while continually looking for ways to keep costs down. We’re asking ourselves the same questions you are asking. What can we offer more inexpensively? What can we repurpose and offer for free? How can we offer training in a more cost-effective way? We've recently introduced the Member Assistance Fund and are continuing to look at other changes in order to meet your needs and reduce your costs at the same time.

Please send us your thoughts via email to [email protected].