Labor Relations Services

Contract Analysis

You can have the MASB team review your current contract and provide a brief written summary of major points for consideration, major cost centers, comparisons to other contracts and an establishment of priorities for change. As part of this service, an MASB consultant will meet with a team from your district to explain and discuss their analysis. View a sample analysis here.

Collective Bargaining

MASB's Labor Relations consultants knows that success at the bargaining table begins long before the actual bargaining. Success is based upon preparation. We work with your school board to establish objectives for bargaining. We develop strategies to accomplish those objectives. Our Labor Relations consultants serve as the chief spokesperson for collective bargaining (including mediation and fact-finding) with the union. We offer professional advice in all methods of collective bargaining including traditional, and the latest collaborative techniques including, Win-Win, Mutual Gains and Target Specific.

Grievance/Arbitration Handling

Our Labor Relations Consultants work with the administration as a grievance proceeds through the steps of the grievance process.


Are you considering hiring someone at the bargaining table? MASB offers experienced negotiators who are supported by MASB legal counsel and public relations staff. 

Customized Negotiations Preparation Workshops

It's often helpful, especially with new board members and newer administrators, to hold a session to provide background and perspective on the law and processes related to collective bargaining, set in the context of your district's financial situation and bargaining history. MASB will design a 2-3 hour program based on your district's needs and contract. This type of workshop is most useful as part of the bargaining preparation process to develop common understandings. It covers topics such as: the legal process for negotiations, typical union tactics and how to counter them, public relations, establishing and achieving your district's goals and keeping your team on the same page. 

Background Support

For a reduced hourly rate, MASB staff can work with your district behind the scenes assisting in preparing for bargaining, providing useful background information and providing advice and general assistance as requested. This doesn't cover at-the-table representation.

Fact Finding

MASB staff can assist your district in the preparation and/or presentation of fact finding exhibits. To be prepared for this quasi-judicial hearing takes time and expertise. MASB can help with both. 

Free Phone Support

If you have questions about the law or would like to discuss a specific situation in your district, you can contact MASB staff at no cost as part of your membership services. 

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