Take Action: House to Vote Soon on Electric Choice

Aaron Keel

By Aaron Keel, MASB Assistant Director of Government Relations

DashBoard, Dec. 2, 2015

The Michigan House of Representatives is expected to vote soon on House Bill 4298, a bill that will lead to the elimination of electric choice for schools across Michigan.

Currently, many school districts across the state enjoy a lower energy rate through participating in electric choice, saving millions of dollars per year.

While you may hear that HB 4298 does not eliminate electric choice, it’s important to highlight how the bill works to systematically eliminate this market and drive up costs. Under HB 4298, customers who leave their alternative electric supplier and go back to the incumbent utility would be forced to remain with that utility for up to 20 years. Further, customers who decide to remain with an AES would be required to pay the incumbent utility a capacity cost for 15 years. Finally, the legislation would force AESs to unnecessarily purchase capacity, driving up electric choice prices, effectively reducing or eliminating savings, and forcing customers to return to the incumbent utility service where they’ll be locked in for the next two decades.

Take action—call your Representative today to urge him/her to preserve the choice market in Michigan for schools and protect kids, educators, taxpayers and job providers by voting "no" on HB 4298.

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