Has Your Board Selected a Superintendent Evaluation Tool? Time is Running Out

Donna Oser

By Donna Oser, MASB Director of Leadership Development and Executive Search Services

DashBoard, Aug. 31, 2016

Michigan law requires that local and intermediate school district boards of education ensure that a performance evaluation system is in place for school administrators and teachers—this includes the superintendent. According to the law, a tool must be selected by the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year, which for most school districts is right now.

Choose a Tool

When choosing an evaluation tool, MASB recommends boards of education and superintendents review all possible evaluation tools, their prescribed processes and training, then mutually agree upon a tool that will work best for their circumstances.

The following options are available when choosing an evaluation tool for the superintendent:

  • A model that was identified by the Michigan Council on Educator Effectiveness
    • School ADvance Administrator Evaluation System
    • Reeves Evaluation Model
  • An evaluation tool that is on MDE’s list (to be created after June 2017)
  • A locally developed tool
  • MASB’s superintendent evaluation tool
  • A modification of one of the tools mentioned above

MASB’s 2016 Superintendent Evaluation Instrument is available here at no cost to districts.

Schedule Training

The law requires training for all evaluators, which includes school board members. Training must be provided by someone who has expertise in the evaluation tool being used. Some boards of education may be able to postpone training until after the election, depending on how many board seats are up for election and the specific timing of the superintendent’s evaluation. Due to high demand, MASB recommends that districts schedule board evaluation training as soon as possible even if the training won’t occur until January or February. This training may be paid for from funds available in the Educator Evaluation Reserve Fund—check with your superintendent for details.

To schedule board member training for MASB’s 2016 Superintendent Evaluation Instrument, contact Board Development Manager Debbie Stair at 517.327.5904 or

Make Sure the Posting Requirement has been Met

Districts must post the following on their websites:

  • The research base for the evaluation system to be used
  • The identity and qualifications of the author or authors
  • Either evidence of reliability, validity and efficacy or a plan for developing that evidence
  • The evaluation frameworks and rubrics with detailed descriptors for each performance level on key summative indicators
  • A description of the processes for collecting evidence, conducting evaluation conferences, developing performance ratings and developing performance improvement plans
  • A description of the plan for providing evaluators with training

Posting requirements must also be met by the 2016-2017 school year. The posting requirements for the MASB superintendent evaluation tool can be found here.

If you have any questions, please contact the following MASB staff:

Superintendent Evaluation

Donna Oser or 517.327.5923


Debbie Stair or 517.327.5904

Legal Questions

Joel Gerring or 517.327.5922

Facilitated Evaluation

Donna Oser or 517.327.5923

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