Eliminating Electric Choice Would Hurt Schools

DashBoard, July 22, 2015

There are a series of bills in the Michigan Legislature that would eliminate the Michigan's Electric Customer Choice Program and—if signed into law—would hurt Michigan schools. To raise awareness, the Michigan Schools Energy Cooperative has created the social media sites listed below as part of an information campaign to help school districts understand the implications of the elimination of the state’s electric choice program.

Since 1997, MISEC has existed to provide energy solutions for Michigan school districts that rely on low-cost electricity and natural gas. Participation in MISEC is free to Michigan school districts.

MISEC, working with more than 275 school districts across the state, saved those districts more than $15 million in 2014. Because of the work of MISEC and helping districts take advantage of electric choice, dollars that would typically be committed to paying energy bills can be dedicated to classroom instruction and learning. The electric savings from 2014 equates to over $30 per pupil for more than 500,000 Michigan K-12 students enrolled in participating member districts.

Losing those savings in school district’s budgets around the state would most certainly result in cuts in other areas—teachers, staff and extracurricular options—cuts no school district wants to make.

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