Candidates receiving the highest number of the votes cast in a regional or group election shall be elected unless in conflict with Article VIII, Section 6 (Board Limitations Provision) of the Bylaws.

If, after the official count, there is a tie vote among two or more candidates, the tie shall be resolved by a random drawing. This shall be done by a representative of the Elections Committee and the executive director prior to the board’s March meeting.

In situations where more than the allowed number of candidates from one local school district or intermediate school district board are elected in conflict with Article VIII, Section 6 of the Bylaws, the person who received the highest percentage of votes in the regional or group election in which he or she ran shall be seated.

Rules of Procedure for the Elections Committee

The purpose of the Elections Committee is to provide an orderly, well-established practice and procedure from nomination and election of members to the board.

The following shall be used as guidelines for the Elections Committee:

  • Only board members who are not seeking re-election in the current year shall serve on the Elections Committee.
  • Names of all eligible candidates submitted by local and/or intermediate boards shall be placed on the ballot for the position for which they have been nominated by the member board.
  • The official ballot and qualifications of each candidate shall be prepared and emailed to the superintendent secretary on record with MASB.
  • Ballots shall be returned by the superintendent secretary of the local or intermediate board.
  • The executive director shall allow a designated auditing agency to access the official ballots received by the deadline for tabulation.
  • The executive director shall provide the auditing agency with a certified list of current, active member boards as of 1 p.m. on the first Wednesday in March.

Ballot Count

The auditing agency shall count only those ballots received from member boards certified by the executive director.

The auditing agency shall certify the results of the election to the executive director and Elections Committee as soon as possible after receipt of all valid ballots.