Delegate Assembly—Lend Your Voice to MASB Governance

Jennifer Smith

By Jennifer Smith, MASB Director of Government Relations

DashBoard, Aug. 3, 2016

On Thursday evening prior to the official start of MASB’s Annual Leadership Conference, the hallway outside of the location's largest ballroom is buzzing with activity as school board members from almost every district around the state check in. They are there to represent their district at the Delegate Assembly, which establishes policy and rules for the Association through resolutions and bylaw amendments. These are used to provide direction to MASB, its officers and committees throughout the year.

But the process is actually initiated at the beginning of every year with the first meeting of the Resolutions and Bylaws Committee. The committee members review the current resolutions and bylaws that govern and provide direction for MASB. They also review any resolutions recommended to the committee from the previous year’s Delegate Assembly and determine if they can be accepted "as is" or require some changes. The committee also has the power to delete resolutions that are no longer relevant and develop new ones to address current issues.

All of this work is put into the Delegate Assembly Handbook and electronic copies are made available to all MASB members at least 30 days in advance of the Assembly. The handbook includes the proposed changes to resolutions and/or bylaws, as well as the process for the Delegate Assembly. The evening itself can range from quiet and quick to long and lively. This process provides MASB with the necessary insight into what is important to its members and gives direction for operations and legislative positions.

The Delegate Assembly is your opportunity to voice your board’s opinion on state issues and the Association’s direction. All MASB members have the opportunity to directly affect their Association by submitting resolution or bylaw changes to the committee. Please note the deadline for this year has passed; any proposed suggestions received now would be considered for next year.

Members can also participate by serving as a delegate. The Assembly is made up of at least one voting delegate from each school district in the state. In the next week, a submission form will be sent for your district's superintendent secretary to complete by Sept. 23 with your district's delegates/alternates. If you are interested in serving, let your board president and/or superintendent know.

This process is driven by you, our members, and the boards you represent. We urge you to get involved, review the handbook when it comes out, volunteer to be a delegate/alternate for your district and share your thoughts with fellow members. If you have any questions, please contact the MASB Government Relations team.

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