Board Vacancy Expected Jan. 1? Here’s What to do and When

Kacie Kefgen

By Kacie Kefgen, MASB Assistant Director of Labor Relations and Legal Services

DashBoard, Nov. 23, 2016

Now: Get the word out! If the school district knows that a seat will become vacant on Jan. 1, it may start to advertise and communicate with the community about the open position. The board may collect and review applications of those interested in the position. However, the board does not have the authority to appoint anyone to the open seat until the vacancy actually occurs on Jan. 1. Also, take a look at your board policy to determine whether there are certain procedures the board must follow beyond what is outlined in our state statute.

Jan. 1 – 30: Appoint a new board member to the open position. That person will serve until someone is elected and qualified after the November 2018 general election.

Jan. 30: Deadline to appoint a new board member to the open position. If the local district does not appoint someone to fill the position within 30 days of the vacancy, the intermediate school district is granted the authority to place someone in the seat.

Our full guide on filling board vacancies can be found here.

Also, please note that MCL 168.311 dictates what school districts must do when a vacancy occurs on the board.

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