Statewide Virtual Award Event Held Recognizing Excellence of Boards of Education

School board members and whole boards earned awards from the Michigan Association of School Boards in 2020 for their efforts to improve their leadership skills, demonstrating their commitment to student achievement and their own continuous improvement. MASB is holding a virtual award ceremony this week to recognize these accomplishments.

MASB staff encourage all members of the community to join in this #MIBoardAwards celebration on Thursday, April 29 at 7 p.m. ET.

A recording of the event can be viewed here.

Awards are earned for classes completed in person and online, as well as for conference attendance, years of service and leadership activities. The training helps board members to keep pace with the fast-moving and complex changes in public education.

“The decisions we make at the board table define the environment where our students learn and grow,” shared MASB 2020-2021 President Jill Fennessy. “It's uplifting to see so many of my fellow board members across the state make time for skill and knowledge development that they can bring back to their role in the district, and even into their day-to-day lives. I know how hard they've worked to get where they are and applaud their efforts toward lifelong learning and setting a positive example for their students and community.”

Board service is much more than one meeting a month. In addition to all of the district activities they take part in, more than 1,300 school board members statewide attended in-person and online classes in MASB’s leadership training program in 2020. That is almost double the number in the previous year primarily due to online offerings.

“I’ve worked with school boards and public schools for more than 19 years and am always in awe of the commitment of so many members,” said MASB Executive Director Don Wotruba, CAE. “Schools are under exceptional pressure to be innovative and reinvent the way they deliver education especially in these times. Training equips them with the tools necessary to make the best decisions for Michigan’s schoolchildren. The time they spend being servant leaders and honing their skills is second to none.”

A full overview of the individual and whole board training levels and a list of the 2020 recipients can be viewed at