President’s Message: Thank You for Serving

Michael Rochholz

By Michael Rochholz, MASB 2017-2018 President

DashBoard, Jan. 10, 2018

As we embark on another new year, it is time to reflect on what were the challenges last year, and celebrate the successes that we enjoyed. It is also that time of year to honor each one of you during School Board Recognition Month.

Serving as President of MASB for the second time has been a humbling and incredible opportunity. But the true highlight for me is having served as a trustee on my local school board for the last 18 years. Despite what are sometimes described as "burdens of office" or “thankless jobs,” I have enjoyed every day of that time, serving our children, school district and community. I am certain that each of you, as my school board colleagues, shares this same understanding.

You serve on the ideal governing board; unrelentingly devoted to the mission and students of our school districts. I thank every one of you for making me proud to be part of this governance model. None of us individually can provide the leadership and direction that a school district needs and deserves. None of us can be individually correct in each opinion, judgment or position that we take. The design of the governance of a school district calls for the collective wisdom of its Board of Education; and it is expected that each member of the board brings their own judgment, education, experiences and opinions to the other members of the board so that the collective judgment and wisdom will be reasonable, responsible and as effective as possible.

With our community and district administrator’s guidance and recommendations, coupled with our collaborative efforts, it is time to move our school districts to a level of expectation that we know we must achieve. I expect that we will do everything within our collective powers, to make our Boards of Education the most effective and functioning boards possible; providing our school districts with the leadership and governance, that the students, staff and general public expect and deserve.

As we begin this new year, we must remember the renewal process is continuous. Challenges, opportunities and cycles of change fuel the renewal of any organization’s mission; or can lead to its demise if not effectively implemented and managed.

I personally thank each of you for your commitment, dedication and hard work, as you serve as school board trustees. I look forward to all of us collaborating together throughout this year, as we focus on the challenges, embrace the opportunities, and provide the betterment and advancement of public education in our communities.

To help with recognizing and promoting your school board, MASB has put together a Toolkit, including press releases, social media posts and other materials. Access it here

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