School Board Association's Legislative Priorities Focus on Moving Education Forward

LANSING – The Michigan Association of School Boards (MASB), with input from school board members and superintendents statewide, has developed its 2011-12 legislative priorities aimed at creating meaningful reforms to help districts put more resources into the classroom.

MASB and its members are committed to developing solutions that address how schools operate and are funded in our new economic reality. To that end, the MASB Board of Directors adopted the following short-term priorities:

  • Support more cost effective health care and retirement benefits for school employees
  • Expand the use of sinking funds
  • Restructure the 18 mil non-homestead tax
  • Adoption of statutory committee’s recommendations on unfunded mandates
  • Support incentives for consolidation of services, programming or districts
  • Define school aid for preK-12

“There are several policy changes that would help school districts operate more efficiently while improving achievement for students across the state,” said Deputy Director Don Wotruba. “We hope to work with the legislature and governor to see these reforms enacted so that school districts can do their part to build a stronger Michigan.”

In the long-term, MASB sees a need for a structural fix to school funding as well as reforms to the tenure system that would save school districts valuable resources. The long-term priorities adopted by the Board of Directors are:

  • Structural funding reform to improve stability of school funding
  • Support the expansion or repeal of term limits
  • Tenure reform to reduce costs while maintaining due process for teachers
  • Support greater focus on funding for early childhood education
  • Support a continual closing of the per pupil funding gap for schools in Michigan
  • Support state and federal assistance for school infrastructure

These priorities originated from local school board members and superintendents via face-to-face meetings and a survey. For more details about MASB’s legislative priorities, visit

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