School Board Members Express Thanks to Michigan's Teachers

LANSING — Across the state and nation this week teachers are being recognized for their hard work and commitment to educating our youth. The membership and staff of the Michigan Association of School Boards (MASB) would like to extend our thanks to the teachers of Michigan for the role that they play in delivering quality education every day.

In today’s complex education environment, it’s important to recognize the powerful role that teachers play in ensuring each child receives a quality education. “On behalf of the school board members across the state, I would like to thank Michigan’s teachers for the dedication they bring to the classroom,” said MASB Executive Director Kathy Hayes. “Strong teachers are vital to the success of our students, our schools and our state. By working together we can ensure a quality education for every child in Michigan,” she added.

The week of May 4-8 is National Teacher Appreciation Week. MASB encourages schools, communities and parents to recognize teachers for the important work that they do, and for their commitment to delivering a quality education to ALL of our state’s children.

The Michigan Association of School Boards provides quality educational leadership services to all Michigan boards of education and advocates for student achievement and public education.