Policy Papers

The goal of research-based policy papers is to provide the necessary data and expertise to inform the education debate in Lansing and around the state. The importance of education to the prosperity of the state, historically and prospectively, can't be overlooked. Education is critical to the state and its citizens for many reasons:

  • A successful democracy relies on an educated citizenry.
  • Re-educating workers and preparing students for the global economy are crucial to transforming Michigan's economy.
  • Education is vital to state and local budgets.
  • Public education represents a government program that residents directly benefit from, not to mention the indirect benefits associated with living and working with educated people.

Public Sector Consultants Policy Papers

Extended Learning Time: Is More Always Better? – July 2012

Citizens Research Council Policy Papers

Education Reform: Teacher Tenure and Collective Bargaining – July 2012 – Report 380

Education Reform: Teacher Performance Management Systems – February 2012 – Report 377

Education Reform: Pre- and Post-Employment Teacher Training – January 2012 – Report 374