Event Handouts

2016 Labor Relations Conference
Feb. 26, 2016, Radisson Hotel, Lansing

Negotiations 2016: Strategies for the Upcoming Bargaining Season—John Gierak and Joseph Urban, Clark Hill, PLC

10 Things You Should Know About the Affordable Care Act—Brian Flowerday, Chief Administrator of Employee Benefit Services, SET SEG School Insurance Specialists

Bargaining Basics—Kacie Kefgen, MASB Assistant Director of Labor Relations and Legal Services

Do’s and Don’ts of Contract Language—Joel Gerring, MASB Assistant Legal Counsel

Employment Law Update—Brad Banasik, MASB Legal Counsel

Negotiation Case Study: Bargaining in a Deficit District—Dr. Rod Green, MASB Labor Relations Consultant

Negotiation Case Study: From Preliminary Talks to Fact Finding—Joel Gerring, MASB Assistant Legal Counsel

Update on Michigan Employment Relations Commission Cases—Brad Banasik, MASB Legal Counsel

Effective Grievance Handling and Arbitration Strategies—Raymond Davis, Thrun Law Firm, PC

2015 Legislative Conference
March 3, 2015, Lansing Center, Lansing

Status of Assessments in Michigan—Andy Middlestead, Michigan Department of Education

The School Aid Budget: What Numbers Can You Expect This Year?—Lisa Hansknecht, Oakland Schools and Bethany Wicksall, House Fiscal Agency

2015 Labor Relations Conference
Feb. 27, 2015, Lansing Center, Lansing

The Do’s and Don’ts of Contract Language—Tom Smith, MASB Labor Relations Consultant

Communication During the Bargaining Process—Chris Davis, Executive Director, Human Resources & Labor Relations, Traverse City Area Public Schools

Preparing for Bargaining: Compiling and Presenting the Data: Presentation and Outline—Joel Gerring, MASB Assistant Legal Counsel

MERC Update—Kacie Kefgen, MASB Assistant Director of Labor Relations and Legal Services

Negotiating Legal RequirementsBrad Banasik, MASB Legal Counsel

Assembling Your Team—Rod Green, MASB Labor Consultant

2014 Midwest Regional School Foundation Conference
Sept. 22, 2014, Radisson Hotel, Lansing

Keynote From Capital Region Community Foundation—Dennis Fliehman, President and CEO, Capital Region Community Foundation

From Student to Alum: Graduating to That Next Step of Involvement With Your High School—Lisa Wilkie, Director, Adrian Schools Educational Foundation

Do Your Fundraising Ideas Need a Time Out?—Nancy Dye, American Schools Foundation Alliance Executive Director

2014 Legislative Conference
March 13, 2014, Lansing Center

Teacher and Administrator Evaluations—Bob Kefgen, Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals and Sarah Lenhoff, Education Trust - Midwest

The School Aid Budget: What Numbers Can You Expect This Year?—Bethany Wicksall, Associate Director, House Fiscal Agency

Classrooms & Kids Budget Proposal and Letter—MASA/MASB Government Relations Staff

Classrooms & Kids Resolution Template

Talking Points and Agenda

2014 Labor Conference
February 13 - 14, 2014, East Lansing

Background on Bargaining—Rod Green, MASB labor consultant

Costing Out Proposals, Planning and Forecasting Your Budget—Don Sovey, school business consultant

Key Legal Isues in Bargaining—Brad Banasik, MASB Legal Council/Director of Labor Relations/Policy

The State of the State of Michigan’s Economy—Michigan State University Professor Charles Ballard

The Evolution of Labor Law in Michigan Since 2011—Kevin Harty, attorney

Strategic Bargaining Consideration From the Experts—Barb Ruga, attorney

Evaluation, Layoff and Recall—What You Need to do Inside and Outside Your Contract—Gary Collins, attorney

The ACA: A Moving Target on Your Budget—Chadd Hodkinson, SET SEG School Insurance Specialists

Making Your Case With Data—Rod Green, MASB labor consultant

Fiscal Forethought—Options and Actions for Financially Challenged Districts Conference
September 16, 2013, Lansing Center

Early Warning Signs—Robert Dwan, Associate Executive Director and David Martell, CPA, Executive Director, Michigan School Business Officials

Financially Troubled Districts—Early Warning Indicators and Deficit District Requirements—Daniel Hanrahan, Director and Glenda Rader, Assistant Director, Michigan Department of Education, Office of State Aid and School Finance

Deficit District Options and Decisions—Brad Banasik, Legal Counsel/Director of Labor Relations & Policy, Michigan Association of School Boards

Modeling Budget Assumptions to Plot a Clear Course for the Future—Bob Kittle, President, Munetrix and Donald Sovey, CPA, President and CEO, School and Municipal Advisory Services

The Reality of Contracting Support Service—Patrick Dean, Director of Development, Dean Transportation, Inc. & Dean Trailways of Michigan; Scott Little, Associate Executive Director, Michigan School Business Officials; and Karin Wysocki, President, GRBS, Inc.

Strategies for Realistic Enrollment Projections—Patricia Alderman, Executive Assistant and David Zuhlke, Ph.D., Governmental & Legislative Liaison, Middle Cities Education Association

Critical Insurance Changes to Consider When Your District is in  Financial Distress—Chadd Hodkinson, Employee Benefits Account Executive, SET SEG School Insurance Specialists

Near Deficit? Climbing Up a Slippery Slope—Steve Lenar, Assistant Superintendent, Holly Area Schools

Small and Rural Schools Conference:
"Driving Momentum While Managing Change"
August 13, 2013, LCC West, Lansing

Legislative Update—Michigan, Don Olendorf, Michigan Small & Rural Schools Association and School Equity Caucus 

The School Aid Budget: What Numbers Can You Expect This Year, Bethany Wicksal, Michigan House Fiscal Agency

Interactive Discussion with the Center for Michigan and Bridge Magazine, Derek Melot, Bridge Magazine 

Hot Topics in Labor, Eric Griggs, MASB

Educator Evaluation—What's Required, What Works, Why it's Harder than it Looks, Patricia McNeill, Michigan ASCD, Dr. Patricia Reeves, MASA and Wendy Zdeb-Roper, MASSP

Helping Your Employees Adapt to the Hard Cap-80/20 Era, Scott Fritz and Bob Donaldson, SET SEG School Insurance Specialists

Education Issues for 2012, Brad Biladeau, MASA and Don Wotruba, MASB 

Negotiations: Starting and Ending on the Same Page as a Team
February 23 & 24, 2012, Ramada Hotel & Conference Center, Lansing

Conference Agenda

Bargaining—Looking Back and Looking Forward, Kevin Harty, Thrun Law Firm

Layoff and Recall—Navigating the New System, Barb Ruga, Clark Hill

Layoff and Recall—Navigating the New System, Kevin Harty, Thrun Law Firm

Basics of Negotiations, Mary Colton, Eric Griggs and Pete Silveri, MASB

Principles of Contract Language, Bill Albertson, Albertson and Lusk

ERiN Presentation, Micki Magee, MASB

Panel on Practical Bargaining, Barb Ruga, Clark Hill

Panel on Practical Bargaining, Scott Fritz, SET SEG School Insurance Specialists

Understanding and Managing the Impasse Process: Focus on Fact Finding, Pete Silveri, MASB

Administering a Labor Agreement, Gary Collins, Collins & Blaha

Let's Do the Numbers, Tom White, MASB