Delegate Assembly

The Delegate Assembly is made up of at least one voting delegate from each of the school districts in the state. The Delegate Assembly provides direction to the Association, its officers and committees through the adoption of resolutions. All resolutions adopted by the Delegate Assembly become the official position of MASB as interpreted and pursued by the Board of Directors. The Delegate Assembly also may vote on proposals to amend the MASB Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.

Powers and Duties

The Delegate Assembly meets in regular session at the MASB Annual Conference and in special sessions when called by the board. The Delegate Assembly establishes policy and rules for MASB through its resolutions and bylaws.

The Resolutions and Bylaws Committee encourages a board’s input in developing MASB positions on legislative, legal and administrative issues of state-wide significance.

A board may submit new resolutions and/or amendments to any resolution approved by the Delegate Assembly last year. To have your submission considered at the August 2014 Resolutions and Bylaws meeting, the proposal must be submitted in writing to:
Michigan Association of School Boards
Attn: Resolutions and Bylaws Committee
1001 Centennial Way, Suite 400
Lansing, MI 48917-8249

New and/or amended resolutions must be received at the MASB office by July 31, 2014.

Business Meeting

The Delegate Assembly, as its first order of business, shall establish and follow rules as recommended by the board or as amended and adopted by the delegates.