Monday, June 18, 2018
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21st Century Skills

  • 21st Century Skills and the Neurology of the Human Brain
  • Promoting Successful Social Media
  • Integrating Advanced Math and Science into Career and Technical Education Classes
  • School Design for 21st Century Learning Objectives

Bargaining in Tough Financial Times

  • Basics of Bargaining for New Board Members and Superintendents
  • Making Smart Decisions About Benefits at the Bargaining Table

Board/Superintendent Relations

  • Building Vision Driven Teams with Superintendents/Boards to Achieve Quality Student Learning
  • Profile Matching — A Longer Superintendent Tenure
  • From Ideas to Action
  • Strategic Planning: From Visioning to Results
  • What You Know Now That You Wish You Had Known When You Became a Board Trustee
  • Keys to Building an Effective Board–Superintendent Relationship (for superintendents only)
  • Board President’s Role: It Works For Me (for board presidents only)

Collaboration and/or Resource Sharing

  • Creating Safe Spaces in Your School Community
  • Is Your District Ready to Share Services With Local Units of Government and Non-Profits?
  • Michigan’s Best Practices
  • Misfit to Masterpiece: How a District and Community Created a New Library Together

Emerging Trends in Education

  • Connecting the Strategic Plan to Everything You Do
  • Innovate. Learn. Lead.
  • Linking Early Childhood to the Early Elementary Years to Improve Student Achievement and Reduce the Achievement Gap
  • News From the Capitol
  • Positive Parental Involvement Makes a Difference
  • Regional Governance of Innovative High Schools: Transformation Through Collaboration
  • Transforming the Instructional Landscape with Server Virtualization: Flexibility, Efficiency, and Innovation
  • The Business of Michigan Education: Embracing New Initiatives
  • Understanding The Digital Generation: New Connections

Safety & Wellness

  • Board Meeting and Administration Building Safety and Security Planning
  • Understanding Depression and its Impact on the Cognitive and Affective Development of Students

Supporting Effective Teachers: Strategies to Ensure High Quality Educators

  • 21st Century Learning Isn’t Just Buzz Words
  • Spice it Up! Host Your Own Technology Conference
  • What Every Board Member Must Know About Michigan’s Tenure Laws

Surviving the Financial Crisis

  • Everything You Need to Know About Energy Management (But Were Afraid to Ask)
  • Grassroots Action at the County Level: Strength in Numbers
  • Measuring Your Fiscal Health
  • Two Districts and an Emergency Manager

Transforming Low-Performing Schools

  • At the Core: Transforming High Need Schools Through Systems Change

Using Data to Improve Student Achievement

  • Being Data Wise: Data-Informed Decision Making, Planning and Accountability
  • Implementing A Positive Behavior Intervention Support Program in a Center Based Program
  • Using ACT Explore and PLAN to Promote and Measure Student Growth