County Area School Board Associations have been an integral part of MASB for more than 40 years. With 42 active local associations, the program is vital to MASB. CASBAs bring local districts together to provide:

  • An opportunity for school board members to get support and information about issues.
  • A forum for discussion of and advocacy for the promotion of these issues.
  • A regional link between MASB and local school board members.

Many board members don't realize that to help finance in-service activities of the CASBAs, MASB returns annually three percent of all dues collected by MASB from the CASBA's member districts. Payment shall be made after receiving each CASBA's annual report and confirmation that the CASBA provided board member in-service.

CASBA Award Ceremony Ideas to Consider:

  • Attach the awards ceremony to an already-scheduled meeting.
  • You may choose a breakfast, lunch or dinner meeting.
  • You may choose to give awards at board members' local board meetings.
  • Postcard mailings will keep costs down.
  • Remember that some board members will want to invite their spouses or other relatives.
  • Think about seating arrangements.
  • Don't forget to provide an award table at front of the room.
  • Consider handicap and vegetarian needs.

Additional Resources

Summary of Award Levels

CASBA Roster

CASBA Calendar of Events/Award Ceremonies

CASBA Grant Application

Professional Development Opportunities/Ideas Provided by CASBAs

Allegan AESA

Shelby Bill,

  • Take Action Cooperative Workshop
  • Legislative Update


Donna Myer,

  • Boardmanship With MASB
  • Standards-Based Grading

Berrien RESA

Cathy Bair,

  • Legislative Breakfast
  • Spring In-Service, School Board Decision-Making—The Data Connection

Calhoun ISD

Dr. Terance Lunger,

  • Candidate Forum
  • Integrated Technology
  • Embedded Professional Development (Coaches 4 Learning) 

Charlevoix Emmet ISD

Diane Chapman,

  • Achieving the Dream
  • What the Heck is Going the World of School Finance?

Clare Gladwin RESD

Carol Darlington,

  • CBA 107, 232 and 315
  • Fund Balance Discussion With Thrun Law Firm

Clinton County RESA

Karman Hungerford,

  • Proposed Budget for the Upcoming School Year
  • Legislative Briefing

Copper Country ISD

Dennis Harbour,

  • Legislative Meeting/Forum

Delta Schoolcraft ISD

Andrea Tourangeau,

  • Delta Schoolcraft CASBA Annual Meeting, Data Director
  • Negotiations Workshop, MASB 

Dickinson Iron ISD

Johanna Ostwald,

  • MASB Fall Dinner Meeting & Candidates Forum
  • U.P.-Wide Legislative Forum 

Eastern UP ISD

Peter Everson,

  • Data Summary, BTOP Grant, MASB Resources
  • Legislative Update, EUP Employees of the Year Recognition 

Eaton RESA

Brenda Young,

  • Funding Update
  • Legislative Update
  • Exploring/Evaluating Shared Superintendency 

Genesee ISD

Tomiko Fisher, 

  • Legislative Update
  • School Safety: Have We Forgotten?
  • Legislation Affecting Education, State Reps.
  • Fight Bullying: Educate, Empower, Engage!
  • New Board Member Orientation 

Gogebic Ontonagon ISD

Bruce Mayle,

  • Board & Administrator Fall Dinner—Consolidated Services
  • Board & Administrator Spring Dinner—Consolidated Services, Part II

Gratiot Isabella RESD

Wendy Giles,

  • 21st Century Administrators: Managing Technology, Relationships and Boundaries
  • 21st Century Administrators: Managing Technology, Relationships and Boundaries, Part II 

Huron ISD

Jan Holz,

  • Organizational Meeting
  • Learning Center Tour/Honored Retired Board Members
  • Core Standards and State Assessment/Teacher Evaluations
  • Wind Energy (Personal Property Tax Revenue Facts) 

Ingham ISD

Micki O'Neil,

  • Legislative Review, What Schools Might Expect With Newly Elected Legislators
  • Instructional Technology, Melissa White, Ingham ISD
  • The Early College, Kathy Dewsbury White, Ingham ISD
  • Response to Intervention, Roberta Perconti and Helen McNamara, Ingham ISD
  • Teacher and Administrator Evaluations, Barb Ruga, Clark Hill
  • Legislative Landscape, Proposed Bills Impacting Education, Don Wotruba, MASB

Iosco RESA

Dana McGrew,

  • County Goal Setting, Update
  • Update on County Goals, Networking
  • Awards, Legislative and Goal Update 

Jackson County ISD

Kevin Tuckey,

  • Importance of Becoming a Certified Board Member, Olga Holden, MASB
  • CBA Classes

Kalamazoo RESA

Ronald Fuller,

  • Post-Election Discussion, Tim Skubick
  • Negotiations are Not for the Faint Hearted, Kevin Harty, Thrun Law Firm, PC
  • Enhancement Millage Panel Discussion With Area Legislators
  • Recognition Night—Networking and the Year-in-Review 

Kent ISD

Deb Metzger,

  • Student Engagement Survey Results, Suhail Farooque, MSU
  • Legislative/Education Advocacy Award, Ben Emdin
  • CBA 109, Board Governance for Data-Informed Decision-Making, MASB
  • CBA 215, Advanced Finance, MASB

Lenawee ISD

Ann Knisel,

  • Legislative Dinner & Annual Meeting
  • Legislative Breakfast
  • All-Day In-Service/Training

Livingston ESA

Scott Menzel,

  • CBA 108, Navigating the Legislative Process
  • Legislative Breakfast
  • CBA 214, Open Meetings Act
  • LCASB Annual Meeting

Macomb ISD

Mike DeVault,

  • State Board of Education Candidate Forum
  • K-12 Education State Reform Initiatives
  • Macomb County Executive Presentation
  • Macomb County Economic Forecast
  • TACOM Life Cycle Management Command
  • Education Leadership

Marquette Alger RESA

Jodi Ball,

  • U.P. Legislative Summit
  • CBA 325
  • CBA 310
  • Legislative Breakfast
  • Mini CBA 100
  • CBA 246

Mason Lake ISD

Tracy Lilje,

  • CBA 101: Introduction to School Board Service
  • WSASBA Spring Banquet

Mecosta Osceola ISD

Mary Ann Mendenhall,

  • Community Relations Workshop, MASB
  • Collective Bargaining Workshop, MASB

Monroe County ISD

Donald Spencer,

  • Monroe County Educational Technology Millage Renewal
  • Regionalized Study and Transportation Study
  • Legislative Breakfast

Montcalm Area ISD

Penny Dora,

  • Catching Up or Leading the Way, Dr. Zhao
  • Legislative Forum With State Legislators

Muskegon Area ISD

Laura Sikkenga,

  • Media Relations, Michael J. Thorp
  • Shared Services, Tom White, MASB

Newaygo County RESA

Corinne Toth,

  • Prevent Bullying: BE THE CHANGE
  • Legislative Update From Lansing

Oakland Schools

Vickie Markavitch,

  • Top 10 Ways to Find Perfect Board Members
  • Online Learning
  • Legislation and Education, Tim Skubick
  • World Language; Culture Program

Ottawa Area ISD

Karen McPhee,

  • Ten Years Into the 21st Century: How New Tech High Will Retool our Students or a Breathtaking World?
  • Special Education: How Did We Get Here and Where are We Going?

Saginaw ISD

Teresa Pruden,

  • Legislative Breakfast and Candidate Forum
  • Dinner Meeting and Teacher Evaluation Presentation
  • Special Meeting on School Funding
  • MASB Awards and Legislative Update 

Sanilac ISD

Julie Orchard,

  • Fiber Grant Project, Robert Frost, REMC 10
  • Legislative Update, Don Wotruba, MASB

Shiawassee RESD

Shelley Cook,

  • Program Development
  • Inside Michigan Politics, Bill Ballenger
  • Legislative Meeting With Legislators and Lobbyist

St. Clair County RESA

Kim Day,

  • Legal Update and Labor Relations, MASB
  • 21st Century Learning for Board Members

St. Joseph County ISD

Theresa Rowe,

  • New Board Member Orientation, Part I
  • St. Joseph CASBA Program
  • New Board Member Orientation, Part II 

Traverse Bay Area ISD

Mike Hill,

  • Emergency Meeting—Executive Budget
  • Regional Meeting—Education Budget and Concerns

Tuscola ISD

Eugene Pierce,

  • MASB Presentation
  • Annual Meeting/Award Ceremony 

Van Buren ISD

Renee Richardson,

  • Board of Directors Meeting
  • General Session, School Visitation
  • Legislative Dinner Meeting
  • MASB Awards Banquet

Washtenaw ISD

Richard Leyshock,

  • Roundtable Discussion—Special Education Millage
  • Legislative Discussion Meeting
  • Executive Committee, Legislative Relations Network and Board of Directors 

Wayne RESA

Kathleen Cummins Merry,

  • Executive Board Meeting and New Board Member Orientation
  • Executive Board Meeting and General Meetings